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Mingiwuwu's Reward Points: 622

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Who here agrees that we need eugenics?
1 Added Argument There is only one objective truth and those who disagree with it should be euthanized
2 Added Argument List of people who should be put in a concentration camp
1 Added Argument New riddle oh oh oh
1 Added Argument I been lyin. My DNA says that I'm 97% Ashkenazi Irish.
1 Added Argument Are pagan myths based on real people and events that where mythologized?
5 Added Argument Freedom VS Order
1 Added Argument Democrats are fascists & Republicans are more liberal.
2 Added Argument Are you artistic?
1 Added Argument I decided to support free speech. Enjoy your jolly fun verbal war.
-1 Downvoted Argument
1 Added Argument Why are most Liberals against Conservatives?
1 Added Argument An excercise in psychoanalysis
1 Added Argument The final riddle in the universe
5 Created Debate New riddle oh oh oh
2 Added Argument Time for a riddle
1 Added Argument Is "Do Not Say Anything Unless You Have Something Nice to Say" a Good Principle?
2 Added Argument Excon says nothing is Nazi-like about the Trump admin. What is Fascist about it?
1 Added Argument Does he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow?
1 Added Argument Is Patriotism good or bad?
1 Added Argument Found my spirit animal. What's yours?
1 Added Argument Is it worse to lock your doors or let a thief in to murder your family
1 Added Argument This is why family is so much better at raising our children then Government?
1 Added Argument If Russia tries to enter Turkey from the rear, will Greece help??

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