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5 Added Argument In today's Progressive culture, it's ok to walk out on a marriage for greener pastures.
2 Added Argument If ancient cities are under water, was it because of manmade climate change?
3 Added Argument Do you agree with Hillary saying Democrats cannot be civil with Republicans?
1 Added Argument It’s the world good?
7 Added Argument Here's my definition of a strong woman. No surprise it doesn't match the Left's definition
4 Added Argument Hurricans hit the south. Right wingers live in the south. Is GOD sending them a message?
1 Added Argument Did Native Americans Own Slaves?!
1 Added Argument School Dress Code Bans Afro-Puffs: Is It the School's Right or Really Racist?
1 Added Argument Does anyone else notice that people are here, even though the site says they're
1 Added Argument What is white privilege?
1 Added Argument Can you wear MAGA hats into restaurants
3 Added Argument The next American Civil War
1 Added Argument Can you help someone by doing 4 them what they can do 4 themselves?
1 Added Argument Would the Nazis have jailed you for viewing things they disagreed with?
3 Added Argument Name one source of news that is neither left nor right in the US
1 High Rated Argument Digital communication ...
1 Added Argument Digital communication ...
7 Added Argument Should people be able to say anything?
1 Added Argument What is consciousness?
1 Added Argument Remembering v Forgetting
3 Added Argument Could a parent ever be morally justified in letting their child starve to death?
1 Added Argument Should the government legalize medicinal marijuana for ALL states?
-1 Downvoted Argument Kavanaugh drank beer. Obama? Did cocaine. You care?
-1 Downvoted Argument Kavanaugh drank beer. Obama? Did cocaine. You care?

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