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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 3078

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should females perform different roles in the military to males?
3 Added Argument The first one to get angry loses.
1 Added Argument Enough with sob stories?
1 Added Argument Is the Illuminati real?
1 Added Argument Why isn't the president going to Barbara Bush's funeral?
1 Added Argument @Fresno_State President @JosephICastro do you support Professor Jarrar?
1 Added Argument Cars or Motorcycles
1 Added Argument Fresno State Professor(Randa Jarrar) gloats over Barbara Bush's death
1 Added Argument Would psych tests by schools help stop a potential school shooter?
4 Added Argument Lib men almost always come off feminine and as emotional drama queens
1 Added Argument Do we want to live in a society that ensures national security yet no privacy?
1 Added Argument Is compulsory psychiatric treatment a violation of fundamental human rights?
1 Added Argument Should Cocaine be Legalised?
1 Added Argument Where is your favorite location in the world?
1 Added Argument Would you prefer to be an astrologer or learn astrology? Is there really a difference ?
1 Added Argument What makes chemical weapons so much worse than conventional weapons?
5 Added Argument Why do antitheist zealots oppose freedom of religion?
3 Added Argument Do people who scream FAKE NEWS do so, so they themselves can perpetrate FAKE NEWS?
1 Added Argument The Left never misses an opportunity to divide America, & race bate for votes.
1 Added Argument Book Review: Harry Potter Series
0 Added Argument Do you think Jews eat weird foods?
3 Added Argument Who voted on Kim Davis' 4th marriage? #Hypocrisy
1 Added Argument Should an excessive drinker or smoker be liable for organ transplants? (read description)
6 Added Argument Should athletes be able to compete in the gender they identify with or were born as?

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