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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 1973

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Skyrim is about the Right VS the Alt-Right
1 Added Argument Obvious lying: Problem with Trump or USA politics?
1 Added Argument At least Bronto has a sense of humor. uncommon in right wingers.
1 Added Argument Homosexuals - should their existence be mentioned to children?
2 Added Argument The terms racist, phobic and Nazi have effectively become meaningless
5 Created Debate Is it really divine to forgive? And where would you draw the line?
1 Added Argument To all who want to be famous!
3 Added Argument Hobby Lobby slammed by a Leftist for "Racist Display of Raw Cotton"
3 Added Argument Can art push boundaries too far?
5 Created Debate Can art push boundaries too far?
-1 Downvoted Argument Is a person who votes for Democrats responsible for late term abortions?
2 Added Argument Media and Technology can strengthen communication and relationships
1 Added Argument Hillary Clinton says women only voted for Trump because their Husbands told them to!
1 Added Argument Christian murders his child
0 Added Argument Good for him.
0 Created Debate Good for him.
1 Added Argument To all the anti Christian bigots on this site, ask yourself why you so dislike Christians.
3 Added Argument What age to tell a kid you're gay?
2 Added Argument Did Jesus exist as a historical character?
1 Added Argument Berkeley is afraid of Ben Shapiro? Normal or Cookoo crazy?
1 Added Argument Is it respectful to have ludicrous conspiracies about 9/11?
1 Added Argument Autism Linked with Vaccinations
1 Added Argument Okay. So 'What happened'? Please, do tell.
1 Added Argument Ik kann nederlands spreken. En je?

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