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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 1455

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-1 Downvoted Argument Why do liberals refuse to let us defend ourselves?
-1 Downvoted Argument This is pathetic
1 Added Argument Wow... There's NO protest in Saudi Arabia.. They must LOVE their king
1 Added Argument This is pathetic
1 Added Argument Can any being (such as God) be all powerful?
1 Added Argument Surprise-San Francisco Restaurant Workers! Minimum Wage Hike is Killing Restaurants
1 Added Argument Do members of the U.S. military deserve respect?
5 Added Argument NowASaint's Genesis claim is absurd and wrong
1 Added Argument Does the media portray food information in a positive or a negative light?
2 Added Argument What comes first? The chicken or the egg.. What comes first? FACTS, or an investigation.
6 Added Argument Did the Grenache Steal Christmas...
1 Added Argument It's seems the non existent hard nose reporting of the Left has come out of hibernation.
1 Added Argument WHO are the leakers??
1 Added Argument Did Women Kill Chivalry, Or Is It The Man’s Fault?
7 Added Argument Should all schools in America be highly militarizedly managed?
1 Added Argument The “Muslim ban” president is about to give a speech on Islam IN the Middle East.
6 Added Argument Dems got their witch hunt against Trump. The prosecutor should also go after Hillary.
3 Added Argument I don't LIKE Joe Lieberman.. But, I'm FINE with him leading the FBI
1 Added Argument Should any debate topic be allowed on this website?
1 Added Argument Are there good trolls, or are they all morally unsound?
1 Added Argument Is your body some sacred thing, or just a vehicle to get you around in life??
2 Added Argument I don't think Trump LIKES being president any more.. Do you?
2 Added Argument Can the right wing pass its agenda while Trump is embroiled in controversy?
2 Added Argument Which is More Powerful? Volcano VS Earthquake

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