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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 3307

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should abortion be free?
1 Added Argument Competition kills creativity
1 Added Argument Why did humans start eating grains?
1 Added Argument What is Obama's last name?
1 Added Argument Replacing Bathtub Or Refinishing The Old Bathtub?
1 Added Argument War is the best way to solve conflicts
1 Added Argument Crazy Leftist Cuomo (D-NY) grants conditional pardons to "Dozens of Sex Offenders"
5 Added Argument We didn't record the Trump/Putin meeting. But, surly Putin did.. Is that a problem??
1 Added Argument What becomes of a nation, when the Left replaces God with Man's Humanistic God?
2 Added Argument When Putin says he DIDN'T interfere, do you believe him over 17 intelligence agency's?
1 Added Argument Scottish VS Irish
0 Added Argument Is it necessary to control the media?
1 Added Argument Karl Marx was a hero
7 Added Argument Karl Marx was a hero
-1 Downvoted Argument Opinion on the cause of autism?
1 Added Argument Time for a riddle
1 Added Argument If you're an atheist and a friend invites you to church, are you allowed to go?
1 Added Argument Is "Do Not Say Anything Unless You Have Something Nice to Say" a Good Principle?
0 Added Argument German scientists prove life after death clinically.
1 Added Argument Congratulations to the Cave Rescue Hero's! Incredible Job!
1 Added Argument Is there such a thing as ghosts or spirits?
2 Added Argument Best dialogues you ever heard in your life.(Movies/from someone)
1 Added Argument This is why family is so much better at raising our children then Government?
1 Added Argument Does today's education really has any value?

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