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-1 Downvoted Argument State Department Let Hillary Clinton Keep Call Logs, Meeting Schedules Secret
1 Added Argument Today is Bill of Rights day. Without looking can you name all 10?
1 Added Argument What does doing MORE about the opioid crisis mean??
1 Added Argument What's the difference between a profession and a job?
1 Added Argument did the holocaust as it is taught in schools happen?
1 Added Argument Are Nazi's allowed to participate in debates here? If they are I'm gone.
1 Added Argument Let me give you some examples of Narcissism & what insecurity does to people.
4 Added Argument Would it bother you?
1 Added Argument Is it time to investigate Mueller?
1 Added Argument Is Gary Busey going to replace Amarosa??
1 Added Argument Can progressives be prolife?
1 Added Argument Trump will be President for two terms
3 Added Argument Anyone else notice that Roy Moore doesn't know how to ride a horse?
1 Added Argument Satanist sues to remove God from cuyrrency.
1 Added Argument Is there a such thing as 100% contraception.
1 Added Argument Dems are the moral thought police, judging people for past sins rather than current sins.
2 Added Argument Bomb goes off in NYC. CNN covers? Trump all day.
1 Added Argument Is water wet?
1 Added Argument Is Wikipedia a viable source of information?
1 Added Argument Lib colleges using Care bears to coddle snowflake students
1 Added Argument Here are today's priorities when electing politicians. Life & death loses to accusations.
1 Added Argument Should the police be allowed to arrest people who sell alcohol to teens on home ground?
5 Added Argument Doug Jones victory over Roy Moore - I'm not sure I'm ok with it
1 Added Argument Unbanned version: Is it ethical to force tolerance of gays on businesses?
2 Added Argument Dems keeps changing their witch hunts against Trump. No Russia proof so back to sex.
3 Added Argument play staition 4 vs xbox one
1 Added Argument Can Anyone Give a Shred of Credible Evidence for *any* God?
1 Added Argument Search Engines anyone?
4 Added Argument Video games are to blame for boys under-achievment
1 Added Argument America: Are we a nation divided by hyperpartisan ideology?
1 Added Argument The facts don't care about your feelings.-Ben Shapiro
1 Added Argument God gives Christians the wisdom to admit our own sins. Non believers refuse to do so.
1 Added Argument Plants don't want to be eaten
1 Added Argument Is "The Lord of the Rings" Harmful for promoting a Pure Good vs Pure Evil Narrative?
1 Added Argument Pro choicer's constanty say we should eliminate the need for abortions rather than outlaw
4 Added Argument Is anyone else as sick of the low level childish name calling as I am?
1 Added Argument Do rape victims have the #RightToChoose adoption without the consent of the rapist?
1 Added Argument Would this site be better without names?
1 Added Argument Who is the Best Rock Band Ever?
3 Added Argument Employee-owned companies are the best companies to work for
1 Added Argument SCHOOL
0 Added Argument I have declared Mint_Tea as my enemy.
0 Added Argument Who hates NathanAllen?
0 Added Argument White people are perverts
4 Added Argument does the christian god exist?
1 Added Argument Did Time do right with the Silence Breakers?
1 Added Argument homosexuals should have the right to marry.
1 Added Argument Pedophiles say they have no choice in being attracted to children. Should we cater them?
1 Added Argument Still only one person with the guts to answer the questions. Ask yourself why no answers?
1 Added Argument Should prisoners be able to vote?
1 Added Argument Should illegal immigrants be allowed in America?
3 Added Argument Do you find that as you change, you deal with the same/similar situation very differently?
1 Added Argument Controlling a drone while drunk is illegal
1 Added Argument If you're raised to kill - are you wrong?
1 Added Argument Studying grammar is more important than practising conversation skills.
1 Added Argument What happened to freedom of religion?
5 Added Argument The Supreme court is now hearing arguments concerning our freedoms to say no.
1 Added Argument Should holiday decorations be displayed on government property?
-1 Downvoted Argument Is there any difference in the objectivity shown by Fox News/Breitbart v. CNN/HuffPo?
2 Added Argument Should college students be able to set up gaming devices in their dorm?
1 Added Argument Is there any difference in the objectivity shown by Fox News/Breitbart v. CNN/HuffPo?
1 Added Argument Should there be a limit of children you can have?
1 Added Argument End Affirmative Action
2 Added Argument SJW is an Unfairly Pejorative Term intended to Dismiss Sensible Views/Concerns
1 Added Argument North Korea: Is America ready for a Nuke!!
1 Added Argument Television Should Not Censor Explicit Language and/or Content
1 High Rated Argument Do Comedians Push it too Far or are People Overly Sensitive?
1 Added Argument Is Facebook 'suicide monitoring' good or invasion of privacy
1 Added Argument Immortality: A Blessing or a Curse?
2 Added Argument Do Comedians Push it too Far or are People Overly Sensitive?
10 Added Argument Should FromWithin unban most users who are on his ban list?
1 Added Argument How far do you drive to get to work?
1 Added Argument Should you be arrested for destroying statues?
0 Added Argument More Private Messages From FactMachine
4 Added Argument Good series? Netflix etc.
1 Added Argument Universities Should Provide Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings for Students
1 Added Argument Is it wrong to eat a few grapes at the grocery store if you're poor
1 Added Argument What Would You Do?: Bartender Won't Serve Homeless Man with Money
1 Added Argument What happens if the US Military
2 Added Argument What Would You Do?: Christian Discrimination for Praying in Public
1 Added Argument What Would You Do?: Customer Abuses Employee with Down Syndrome
1 Added Argument What Would You Do?: Mother Uses Harsh Punishment On Son
3 Added Argument Theresa May: Trump was 'wrong' to retweet far-right posts
4 Added Argument Are you ok with allowing all abortions up to birth if mother is depressed?
1 Added Argument Is suicide okay?
1 Added Argument Does a straw have one or two holes?
1 Added Argument Should children be allowed to have their own and use mobile phones?
1 Added Argument Some wise words from Einstein and Abraham Lincoln.....
-1 Downvoted Argument Is Torture Ever Acceptable?
1 Added Argument What is the point of religion?
2 High Rated Argument If I ask a female co-worker out on a date, and she didn't LIKE it, is THAT harassment?
0 Added Argument Black people are more smarter than white people
-1 Downvoted Argument How Is Religion Any Different From Believing In Werewolves?
6 Added Argument Should college students be able to set up gaming devices in their dorm?
3 Added Argument You don't need to brush your teeth when you don't eat grains
2 Added Argument How Is Religion Any Different From Believing In Werewolves?

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