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1 High Rated Argument Will you follow the rules?
1 Added Argument Which is better??
1 Added Argument Do you believe that access to the internet should be recognized as a human right?
3 Added Argument The Left hates cigarettes & call them cancer sticks, while trying to legalize hard drugs.
3 Added Argument On the TV show "The Voice", a Gay singer thanked the show for letting him use his platform
-1 Downvoted Argument Democrats think women are so mindlessly stupid, that they can't say no to unprotected sex.
1 Added Argument Would you go to a doctor/scientist who changed your lab results to prove a point?
1 Added Argument Does fixing climate change involve going back to the stone age first?
1 Added Argument Glaciers melting cannot raise the sea level
1 Added Argument There are more trees in America now than 100 years ago
4 Added Argument Your children are not your property
6 Added Argument In today's Progressive culture, it's ok to walk out on a marriage for greener pastures.
2 Added Argument If ancient cities are under water, was it because of manmade climate change?
3 Added Argument Do you agree with Hillary saying Democrats cannot be civil with Republicans?
1 Added Argument It’s the world good?
8 Added Argument Here's my definition of a strong woman. No surprise it doesn't match the Left's definition
4 Added Argument Hurricans hit the south. Right wingers live in the south. Is GOD sending them a message?
1 Added Argument Did Native Americans Own Slaves?!
1 Added Argument School Dress Code Bans Afro-Puffs: Is It the School's Right or Really Racist?
1 Added Argument Does anyone else notice that people are here, even though the site says they're
1 Added Argument What is white privilege?
1 Added Argument Can you wear MAGA hats into restaurants
3 Added Argument The next American Civil War
1 Added Argument Can you help someone by doing 4 them what they can do 4 themselves?
1 Added Argument Would the Nazis have jailed you for viewing things they disagreed with?
3 Added Argument Name one source of news that is neither left nor right in the US
1 High Rated Argument Digital communication ...
1 Added Argument Digital communication ...
7 Added Argument Should people be able to say anything?
1 Added Argument What is consciousness?
1 Added Argument Remembering v Forgetting
3 Added Argument Could a parent ever be morally justified in letting their child starve to death?
1 Added Argument Should the government legalize medicinal marijuana for ALL states?
-1 Downvoted Argument Kavanaugh drank beer. Obama? Did cocaine. You care?
-1 Downvoted Argument Kavanaugh drank beer. Obama? Did cocaine. You care?
-1 Downvoted Argument Kavanaugh drank beer. Obama? Did cocaine. You care?
1 Added Argument Abortion or No?
5 Added Argument Kavanaugh drank beer. Obama? Did cocaine. You care?
2 Added Argument Is it okay to report students who constantly cheat on tests and quizzes?
1 Added Argument Libs begin calling Lyndsey Graham gay as an insult. And there it is.
3 Added Argument Democrat women seem to get attacked a lot. They should carry guns.
1 Added Argument Jesus Christ Americans Are Stupid
1 Added Argument Would you rather live a life that is enviable or admirable?
3 Added Argument Am I welcome to run Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi out of restaurants?
2 Added Argument When Trump attacks media, didn't they sign up for this?
1 Added Argument I want all Democrat Congressmen to submit to FBI investigations just in case
1 Added Argument You have a right to be believed
9 Added Argument Wanna MAGA? Go vote out the Democrats & replace them with ethical people
1 Added Argument Is anything worse than being so Atheist that you have to root against Heaven
1 Added Argument I'm taking a knee for the victims of sexual assault by NFL players
1 Added Argument Why is it never Atheist groups flocking to disaster zones?
1 Added Argument Should you judge a book by it's cover, should you judge food based on an Instagr
1 Added Argument Do not thank me for my service.
2 Added Argument Obama was not secure in his masculinity or his masculine core
1 Added Argument Democrat logic, we can't tell a woman what to do with her body, but she can kill the baby?
1 Added Argument Should Psychedelics be Legalised?
1 Added Argument Is our medical system corrupt?
1 Added Argument Is it possible to use the "N-word" while in office, and STILL be a good president?
1 Added Argument The Sweet Stench Of Factual Accuracy: A Conservative's Greatest Fear.
1 Added Argument What is at the edge of the universe?
1 Added Argument Who will reach mars first?
1 Added Argument I love BattleBots. ⚙️ Do you?
1 Added Argument Nom says German press warned of Hitler. So that was a lie. They put him in power
1 Added Argument Can we trust an AI?
1 Added Argument If your most loved person was diagnosed with schizophrenia, you would..?
2 Added Argument If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
1 Added Argument In one sentence, how would you sum up the internet?
2 Added Argument Why are Europeans so obsessed with The United States?
10 Added Argument If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
1 Added Argument Is marching band a sport?
2 Added Argument Kaepernick was raised by well off whites in a well off white neighborhood
1 Added Argument Is the young earth theory a proven fact or pure fiction?
1 Added Argument The left's biggest sin is that it has cheapened evil
1 Added Argument Diversity divides more than it unites
3 Added Argument Bronto Spams People's Threads With Fake News Links And Corporate Blogs
1 Added Argument Return of the Jedi was the best Star Wars movie
1 Added Argument All 10 currently released Star Wars films ranked
1 Added Argument Goodbye to an American patriot.. RIP, John McCain.
1 Added Argument If a child says mommy is a pig over & over should their mouth be washed out
1 Added Argument If Jew is a race, then why can I convert to being a Jew?
1 Added Argument Fame is a burden, not a blessing.
7 Added Argument Free speech
6 Added Argument Imagine a world that lived by the Golden rule, treating other's as you want to be treated.
0 Added Argument Have you ever done something memorable?
1 Added Argument If your neighbor gets mad cause your dog woke them up is it..
1 Added Argument The witch hunt is OVER. Ding dong, the witch is dead.
1 Added Argument ESPN Will Not Air the National Anthem on Monday Night Football
1 Added Argument What if I told you that you weren't Christian because you didnt help write the bloodybible
1 Added Argument Christians who are mean to those they disagree with are fake
1 Added Argument Do you know the difference between a debate and a grievance???
1 Added Argument The sky is blue.
7 Added Argument Christians who are mean to those they disagree with are fake
1 Added Argument Is The Use Of Logical Fallacy Part Of Debate?
4 Added Argument Does The Truth exist?
1 Added Argument Is there not one intelligent, rational atheist on this site?
1 Added Argument Is this CreateDebate, or CreateHate???

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