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2 Added Argument Is Christian Bale thanking Satan a swipe at Islam and Jews?
2 Added Argument Imagine If Obama Had Over Seventy Pending Lawsuits Against Him
5 Added Argument Vermont newspaper editorial board: 'We beg' Bernie Sanders not to run in 2020
2 Added Argument Liberal Disneyland raises tickets to over $100 for a day pass
1 Added Argument Is it hate speech to say that men aren’t women?
2 Added Argument If a politician can be questioned, can the media?
1 Added Argument Should white americans take "responsibility" for creating the "racist" system in the US?
1 Added Argument Do you deny climate change because the science is wrong, or fixing it will be worse?
1 Added Argument Smoking is VERBOTTEN in the city. Is smoking more acceptible if you live in the country?
1 Added Argument What provides a better quality life - city living, or country?
3 Added Argument If they attack you personally - it means they don't have a decent argument left.
1 Added Argument Who is your favorite Jew in history?
1 Added Argument Sorry christians, christmas is a pagan holiday
1 Added Argument Most of the wars that mankind fought was because of religion...
-1 Downvoted Argument Was Jesus truly good?
-1 Downvoted Argument Are FREEDOM and WALLS compatible??
1 Added Argument Is Trump retarded or is he feigning retardation so he can get away with more?
1 Added Argument Is ALofRI smart enough to change his view when presented with new information?
2 Added Argument If Trump is impeached, will YOU march on Washington to SAVE him?
1 Added Argument Prius or pickup?
1 Added Argument If You Can't Drink Until Age 21, Should You Legally Be Allowed To Have Children
3 Added Argument Are asylum seekers getting numbers on their arms at our border??
1 Added Argument If you leave drinking water in the desert, are you ENCOURAGING illegal immigration?
2 Added Argument Is Human Activity or natural process Primarily Responsible for Global Climate Ch
5 Added Argument So Sick Of America's Culture Of Military Worship
1 Added Argument The whitehouse should start a gofundme page to finance the wall
1 Added Argument Is Islam a religion of violence or a religion of peace?
1 Added Argument Should physical education be mandatory in schools?
1 Added Argument Should intellectually disabled people get the death penalty if they commit a crime worthy
-1 Downvoted Argument Whistleblowers coming out in droves on Clinton Foundation
1 Added Argument Whistleblowers coming out in droves on Clinton Foundation
1 Added Argument what events should we have to raise money
1 Added Argument The worst polluting country in the world isn't in the West. So....
0 Added Argument Who or what might God be according to you?
1 Added Argument Which is worse, tear gas or burning kids alive at Waco?
1 Added Argument What is the best swordfighting style?
1 Added Argument Donald Trump Opens His Big Fat Stupid Mouth Again
1 Added Argument Why do Christians decorate their houses for Christmas?
2 Added Argument should elderly get free bus rides
1 Added Argument Self-Driving Cars
2 Added Argument Do liberals worship victimhood?
2 Added Argument Who killed more people
6 Added Argument USSR VS America, who was more advanced?
1 Added Argument ASTONISHING Hypocrisy!! Ivanka Trump BUSTED For Using Private Email Server!!
1 Added Argument Yale now sells Abortion Drugs from a Vending Machine
3 Added Argument Fact: xMathFanx And Amarel Are The Same Person
2 Added Argument Who denies science more, the left or the right?
3 Added Argument What is the purpose of debate?

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