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MontysPython's Reward Points: 122

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument America is the Greatest Country of Earth
1 Added Argument You are all fools and I have no respect for anyone on this site
3 Added Argument Fox News vs North Korean State TV
1 Added Argument Did Jesus actually exist?
5 Added Argument If Ivanka Trump doesn't shut up, I'll refuse to have s*x with her.
5 Created Debate If you block someone on the site it means you know you can't beat them.
1 Added Argument Immigrants Who Escaped Socialist Countries Warn the U.S.
1 Added Argument Is australia FAKE ?
3 Added Argument I’m not entirely normal. I’m not human.
2 Created Debate I feel cozy seeing the left retreat from economy, market, and unemployment
1 Added Argument How zoology proves that christians are stupid
2 Created Debate Lib media 2015 Mexican kids held for months as punishment for border-crossing
1 Added Argument Who is more nazi like, bronto or nom?
5 Created Debate What is something interesting that has happened to you in life?
1 Added Argument From where do atheists derive their morality?
2 Added Argument Death of a Nation. Can we save America a Second Time?
1 Added Argument Should I be a leftist or right wing?
1 Added Argument Kim Jong Un is a good, nice guy
1 Added Argument Are cigarettes good for you?
1 Added Argument Guns are a symbol of liberty and help us defend ourselves and put venison on the table
1 Added Argument America is the greatest country on earth
1 Added Argument Are neanderthals human?
1 Added Argument Why is jewish food always based on grains?
3 Added Argument FactLord would Molest Ivanka Trump

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