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NKJV's Reward Points: 458

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Which belief system requires more faith?
2 Created Debate Is Jesus God's Yeshua (Salvation)?
5 Created Debate Was Jesus a pagan god?
3 Created Debate Russia using electonic weapons against US in Syria? Are we fucked?
1 Added Argument Should torture be abolished?
3 Created Debate Does the Bible have contradictions?
5 Created Debate Should military/paramedics/ fire fighters ectetera be allow to pray in uniform?
1 Added Argument Should the death penalty be given to drug dealers?
5 Created Debate Should torture be abolished?
4 Created Debate Should the UN sanction all countries that support torture?
1 Added Argument Giving over our it really a good idea?
1 Added Argument Libs can't win arguments need insults
1 Added Argument SeaWorld Debate: Should SeaWorld be able to hold whales in captivity?
1 Added Argument Why "Gender Equality" makes no sense.
1 Added Argument If you got 4 wishes, what would you wish for?
5 Created Debate Do immigrants have rights?
5 Created Debate Does the God of the Bible exist?
5 Created Debate Does the Bible predict EVERYTHING we see in the world today?
5 Created Debate Can you prove a negative?
-1 Downvoted Argument an 8 years old girl gang rape and murder trigger new outrage over india rape culture
5 Created Debate Is Diediedie Atrag?
1 Added Argument Do we want to live in a society that ensures national security yet no privacy?
5 Created Debate Trump attack Syria. Are we being lied to by the war machine?
1 Added Argument What are your three favorite animals?

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