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NicolasCage's Reward Points: 267

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Trump signs bill undoing Obama coal mining rule
4 Added Argument Why are Black Abortion rates so High?
1 Added Argument Should we lower, raise, or destroy the minimum wage?
5 Created Debate What is uranium?
1 Added Argument Should Grenache's Create Debate Birthday be celebrated?
1 Added Argument Are Trump supporters not worried over who he appoints ?
1 Added Argument Should parents of bullies be punished? Why or why not?
8 Added Argument Will Trumps wall really do ANYTHING?
10 Added Argument So what is a Mercy Killing ?
1 Added Argument Sodomites and children
2 Added Argument Is football dangerous or is it safe?!
-1 Downvoted Argument Liberalism is Naziism
-1 Downvoted Argument Liberalism is Naziism
5 Added Argument Liberalism is Naziism
1 Added Argument Sodomites and children
2 Added Argument Why are there so many sodomites on this site?
2 Added Argument Heterosexuality is not a choice.
5 Added Argument Trump Compared to Peter the Great
1 Added Argument Is it morally permissible to kill a douchebag?
1 Added Argument When passing by a stranger a narrow walkway should do so with ass or crotch?
1 Added Argument Are all atheists here actually the same person?
1 Added Argument Is there such a thing as morality or is it man made?
1 Added Argument Is it possible that a cruel God that enjoys seeing us suffer exists?

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