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Number13's Reward Points: 117

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1 Added Argument Bull fucking shit.
5 Created Debate Mexico says marriage is between a man and a woman only
1 Added Argument Is There A Correlation Between Inferior Penis Size And The Right Wing?
2 Added Argument Let's say we've got 30 years worth of oil left. Will you be able to afford gas in year 25?
5 Created Debate Who fired Kaepernick? The most liberal city on Earth, San Fransisco
3 Added Argument Which side is for state control again?
1 Added Argument How I lost my last girlfriend
1 Created Debate Democrat Rashida Tlaib of Michigan Wrote Column for Louis Farrakhan’s Final Call
1 Added Argument Trump made a great point in his speech tonight...
1 Created Debate Do more options make people less happy?
1 Added Argument Senior Republican: Trump stance on shutdown is 'useless' and 'puerile'
1 Added Argument The military can build a barrier on the Southern border as a military act
1 Added Argument For some reason Burritolunch AKA Nom, is debating on old debates and upvoting
1 Created Debate If masculinity is bad, then lesbianism is bad.
1 Added Argument Who did the Nazis hate most of all?
2 Created Debate I just read a debate where Excon defended whites in masks attacking Mexicans
1 Added Argument Washington, Jefferson and Entangling alliances
1 Added Argument Trump Shuts Down Government In Epic Temper Tantrum
5 Created Debate Government has spent well over $5 billion on walls to block out traffic noise
-1 Downvoted Argument Nom whines about having no money, yet he's on this site nonstop
1 Added Argument Nom whines about having no money, yet he's on this site nonstop
5 Created Debate Iowa school districts add Hunter's Ed to school PE curriculum
1 Added Argument ASTONISHING Hypocrisy!! Ivanka Trump BUSTED For Using Private Email Server!!
1 Added Argument China could beat the US in a war

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