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OmegaPan's Reward Points: 257

Points When What Where
3 Added Argument Why "Gender Equality" makes no sense.
2 Added Argument Parkland Student calls for "Confiscation of all Semi-Automatic Firearms"
1 Added Argument Does a DENUCLEARIZED Korean peninsula mean WE have to give up our nukes too?
5 Created Debate Lib men almost always come off feminine and as emotional drama queens
2 Added Argument Do people who scream FAKE NEWS do so, so they themselves can perpetrate FAKE NEWS?
0 Added Argument Jews drink blood out of severed baby dicks
2 Added Argument By new lib standard Obama was a war mongering maniac
4 Created Debate Was Obama turning the Middle East into napalm a religious war?
1 Added Argument The older atheists get the more they lash out at God
1 Added Argument Why is Hitler so popular recently?
3 Added Argument Are you looking forward to watching 60 Minutes Sunday night?
1 Added Argument Antrim and I agree on one thing.....
1 Added Argument I killed Joan Rivers for claiming I was gay & Michelle's a tran
1 Added Argument How much dirt would the Russians have on Hillary if she had won?
1 Added Argument Do you know who Rusticus was?
2 Added Argument Can somebody please explain to me how so called 'Christians' can stand behind Trump?
2 Added Argument If gun control laws don’t keep guns from the lawless, why do we have drug laws?
1 Added Argument Impeach trump?
1 Added Argument Obama used a Russian technique called Whataboutism
1 Added Argument I'm sick of the Left lying & saying Christians are trying to force their belief on others.
1 Created Debate The left apparently thinks Oprah & Martin Luther King are or were insane
-1 Downvoted Argument Dear white people
-1 Downvoted Argument Dear white people
-1 Downvoted Argument Dear white people

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