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1 Added Argument Imagine living in a nation run by a Government Theocracy. America is now a Human-ocracy!
1 Added Argument N. Korean negotiators are PROFESSIONALS. Trumps team are ROOKIES. Did Trump get SCHOOLED?
1 High Rated Argument Are Conservatives Prepared To Parlay: Yes Or No?
4 Added Argument FYI ---- An examination of atheism’s truth claims
2 Added Argument School choice... ask yourself why the Democrat Party is always against it.
1 Added Argument Are Conservatives Prepared To Parlay: Yes Or No?
1 Added Argument Why bother
1 Added Argument Internet Inventor Issues Sobering Warning After Reading Several Bronto Posts
1 Added Argument Do you support investigating next Democrat President to make sure they're clean?
1 Added Argument Would you prefer 8 years of Cruz or 4 years of Trump?
1 Added Argument If President is accused of being dealer & murderer, should he be investigated
1 Added Argument Trump’s Corruption: The Definitive List

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