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Rusticus's Reward Points: 102

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument What would be your Trump tipping point?
1 Added Argument Would Girls not being allowed to join Boy Scouts violate their Civil Rights?
3 Added Argument Stock market hits new HIGH'S. Do the rich NEED a tax cut?
2 Added Argument Should teens be made to go to church by their parents/gardians?
1 Added Argument Having an alias debate name says what? What's the purpose of hiding your true identity?
1 Added Argument Should wearing the Swastika be protected under Free Speech?
1 Added Argument Should Nowasaint be sodomized by a polar bear?
2 Added Argument Excon didn't exist, so I invented him
8 Added Argument Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe ghosts exist?
1 Added Argument different ways to text your ex back
5 Created Debate Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe ghosts exist?
1 Added Argument A BUMP Stock turns a single shot weapon into an automatic. Should they be legal?
1 Added Argument Is It Morally Justifiable To Have A "None Shall Live" Policy On Conservatives?
1 Added Argument Should ugly people be censored and banned from public places?
5 Created Debate Now that the GOP has all 3 branches, not a peep about abortion. shhhhhhh!
1 Added Argument Who contributed more to humanity? Tesla or Edison?
2 Created Debate Should lobbying be done away with?
1 Added Argument Should 14 year olds drive?
1 Added Argument Can Africa ever become predominantly first world?
1 Added Argument Do particles exist?
1 Added Argument Donald Trump announces that he met with the president of the Virgin Islands.
1 Added Argument who is more credible, TYT or Infowars?
5 Created Debate Does it bother you that Trump is a pathological liar?
1 Added Argument Do you have to be delusional to be a fundamentalist Christian?

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