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Rustikus's Reward Points: 160

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument If you leave drinking water in the desert, are you ENCOURAGING illegal immigration?
1 Added Argument So Sick Of America's Culture Of Military Worship
1 Added Argument I want to thank President Trump
1 Added Argument In Death, Khashoggi Exposes the Corruption of Kushner and Trump
1 Added Argument Why does religion exist?
1 Created Debate Dems Hold Trump Accountable 4 Caravan Migrant Problem They Themselves Denied
5 Created Debate It must be hard being a Democrat trying to debate against the Trump economy
1 Added Argument Top ten most important minds in history
-1 Downvoted Argument Fuck Amarel
1 Added Argument Fuck Amarel
5 Created Debate The Socialists in Venezuela are dying to be Capitalist. Literally
2 Added Argument China could beat the US in a war
1 Added Argument Who Hates Freedom More Strongly: Bronto Or Amarel?
1 Added Argument If you hate Israel, you're an Antisemite
1 Added Argument Bronto: "So What If Israel Murders Children? Hitler Killed More."
3 High Rated Argument The topic Nom debates worst is guns
1 Added Argument The topic Nom debates worst is guns
1 Created Debate Libs say count every vote then try to block votes from counting
1 Added Argument Hootie would throw Jews in gas chambers
1 Added Argument Should government be abolished forever around the world?
1 Added Argument Hootie destroyed by hootieofwank again
5 Created Debate Are you an analytical person?
1 Added Argument Would it be WRONG for House Democrats to INVESTIGATE Trump?
1 Added Argument Excon should donate his ribs to Ruth Ginsburg rather than being selfish

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