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SexyJesus's Reward Points: 195

Points When What Where
9 Added Argument Ask an Atheist
2 Added Argument Should smoking tobacco be outlawed?
7 Added Argument Socialist Seattle Council Member to pass "Dangerous and Crippling Amazon Head Tax"
1 Added Argument Should the death penalty be used as punishment for specific crimes?
5 Created Debate Ask an Atheist
1 Added Argument Atheists see Communism as their way to attempt to destroy Christianity
5 Added Argument I'm building a flamethrower.
5 Created Debate I'm building a flamethrower.
3 Added Argument Can having a certain belief be morally right or wrong?
1 Added Argument I have to present a poem in front of the whole school today.
1 Added Argument Do you think we'll be able to do something to stop/reduce the amount of mass shootings?
1 Added Argument Atheism disproven?
1 Added Argument should parents give pocket money to their children
1 Added Argument pizza is good
-1 Downvoted Argument Taking away assault weapons.
1 Added Argument Taking away assault weapons.
1 Added Argument Prove God does NOT exist!
6 Added Argument Flat Earth Versus Spherical Earth
1 Added Argument Does homeschooling affect a child's social skills?
1 Added Argument Trump supporters: Whacha gonna DO if/when Trump is IMPEACHED???
2 Added Argument Do Atheists/agnostics have superior moral compasses?
1 Added Argument The ambiguity of Liberal Atheists and sexual immorality
1 Added Argument CNN Writer says Kanye West should be "Denied his Right To Express His Opinion"
2 Added Argument Kanye West: Self victimization is a disease

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