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SexyJesus's Reward Points: 257

Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument The code for water is 10111100000000111101
9 Added Argument Any other armed atheists out there?
5 Created Debate Any other armed atheists out there?
1 Added Argument A Legal and Economic Hypothesis
3 Created Debate A Legal and Economic Hypothesis
1 Added Argument Tobacco should be eradicated from the earth and weed should be legal
1 Added Argument Do you believe in entities from other dimensions?
1 Added Argument Do Real men drink whisky and smoke tobacco?
1 Added Argument Do you care if politicians drink or drank alcohol ever?
1 Added Argument Is the left out of logical arguments? Is character assasination all they have?
2 Added Argument Socialism is rape. Capitalism is consensual sex.
1 Added Argument Is tolerance a moral virtue?
10 Added Argument Should the government legalize medicinal marijuana for ALL states?
1 Added Argument I prayed over my 8 piece nugget meal & there were 12 nuggets in there
1 Added Argument Creationism vs. Evolution
1 Added Argument Are expensive clothes necessary?
1 Added Argument Should they tax overtime over 40 hours?
1 Added Argument If you have a fear of flying, does that mean you never do it, or hate it when you do?
2 Added Argument This Site Has Gone To Pot
1 Added Argument Atheists hailed Hawkings as rather intelligent after he threw a moronic jab/line at God
1 Added Argument Hello Angry Losers
2 Added Argument Jesus Christ Americans Are Stupid
1 Added Argument Banning guns is the most white privileged idea imaginable
1 High Rated Argument Jesus Christ Americans Are Stupid

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