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Slavedevice's Reward Points: 837

Points When What Where
4 Created Debate Hitler Should’ve Banned the Bible
1 Added Argument Will locking up children at the border force the Democrats to pay for the wall?
1 Added Argument I'm getting bored with the Antisemites, as I'm sure you are, but I'm NOT gonna stay silent
5 Created Debate Who’s Ready to Bury the Bible?
3 Created Debate Does Mankind Deserve Geniuses?
5 Created Debate You have 6 Months to Live - Whatta You Do
1 Added Argument "Atheism is intellectual suicide." -John MacArthur
1 Added Argument Can you prove that blacks can be as smart as whites?
1 Added Argument From where do atheists derive their morality?
2 Created Debate My message to Richard Spencer
2 Added Argument Why Suicide Rates Are Up 35%?
0 Created Debate Who was worse - Hitler or Slave Owners
5 Created Debate Why Suicide Rates Are Up 35%?
1 Added Argument Should healthcare be free in America?
2 Created Debate And Replace Jew Book with What?
3 Created Debate Down with the Jew Book
5 Created Debate Why Am I So Healthy
2 Added Argument Is Donald Trump a good president?
5 Created Debate Youth Need a New United Purpose
1 Added Argument NATO forces "drill" roll across Europe towards Russia's border. What say you?
1 Added Argument If the Nazis had won the war, would I be alive today?
2 Added Argument Are you prochoice or prolife?
1 Added Argument Roseanne fired for comparing someone to a monkey. What about this?
1 Added Argument If you don't like Jews, is it more PC to just say there ARE NO Jews?

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