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Slavedevice's Reward Points: 1045

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument If 2020 is gonna be about FASCISM v SOCIALISM, where do you come down?
5 Created Debate Jesus was a Socialist
1 Added Argument What is good about capitalism?
5 Created Debate Why Is Genetic Engineering Immoral?
1 Added Argument Why is it important to care about the environment?
2 Added Argument Would Marx have loved Hitlers socialist views?
5 Created Debate Capitalism & Communism Yin&Yang
1 Added Argument Christianity in the U.S.
1 Added Argument are we near the end ?? -- One World Religion
3 Created Debate Humans are Genetically “Tribal”
1 Added Argument Something retarded about capitalism
1 Added Argument What is the wisest lesson you have learned in all your existence?
3 Created Debate Judeao/Christianity is FASCIST
5 Created Debate Democracy is Idiocracy
1 Added Argument Slavedevice's alternative
1 Added Argument How similar are the KKK to Nazis?
2 Added Argument Ask me anything and I will answer with total honesty
1 Added Argument State your political ideology then define it.
1 Added Argument The smartest people in history were all socialists
1 Added Argument Is there any difference between the far left and the far right
1 Added Argument Have you ever performed a dark ritual?
1 Added Argument Secret Motive for Wall
5 Created Debate Secret Motive for Wall
3 Created Debate Why is Tribalism a bad word

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