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Points When What Where
1 Added Argument I admit that Stalin was a great man
1 Added Argument America needs to repent.
5 Created Debate Hitler, Marx, and Capitalism
4 Created Debate Hitler not as Racist as Accussed
3 Created Debate Hitler vs Usury
0 Created Debate Hitler vs Usury
1 Added Argument The Alt-Reich Is Literally Continuing Hitler's Dream
1 Added Argument I will pay you a fat jewish stipend if you can prove jews are related to hebrews
1 Added Argument Why capitalism is becoming anachronistic
1 Added Argument Freedom To A Capitalist Is A Choice Between Who You Want To Be A Slave For
5 Created Debate Meme for Capitalism Commits Suicide
5 Created Debate Fentonyl Population Weeding
1 Added Argument Is it better to be self reliant or dependent if you have a choice?
2 Added Argument Mock Presidential election. State your ideology, & why U should run.
5 Created Debate Hybrid Economy - Help me Name It
1 Added Argument Break-Up the States
1 Added Argument Europe will Become Muslim
1 Added Argument Beto O'Rourke Goes Full Socialist
5 Created Debate Europe will Become Muslim
5 Created Debate Are Jews Really Smartest Race?
3 Added Argument Why Does Pagan Religion get ZERO PRESS?
5 Created Debate Why Does Pagan Religion get ZERO PRESS?
5 Created Debate Do I Have a Religious Discrimination Case?
1 Added Argument Should it be legal to criticize religion?

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