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5 Created Debate Europeans Killed way more Indians than Holocaust
1 Added Argument Did Native Americans Own Slaves?!
5 Created Debate Did Native Americans Own Slaves?!
1 Added Argument The next American Civil War
1 Added Argument Freedom vs. Order
5 Created Debate Social media is NOT Free speech!
1 Added Argument If we survive Trump, he'll wind up having been the best president we've EVER had. Why?
5 Created Debate Trump(Nationalist) + Sanders 2020(socialism) = NS
1 Added Argument Is School (High School/College) Really Worth It?
1 Added Argument Socialism is BAD, but the Fire Department is GOOD. Wha???
1 Added Argument Was capitalism invented, or was it something that just happened?
-1 Downvoted Argument Jews Have No Right To Criticise Hitler Over A Disagreement About Which Is The Master Race
5 Created Debate Why should climate deniers get hurricane aid?
2 Added Argument This Site Has Gone To Pot
5 Created Debate This Site Has Gone To Pot
1 Added Argument Niggers and Jews
1 Created Debate DSA - Divided States of America
1 Added Argument What kind of cult would you like to start?
1 Added Argument Does the number 17 mean something to the alt.right??
1 Added Argument Why have the Jews been hated so much for so long?
1 Added Argument If Jew is a race, then why can I convert to being a Jew?
1 Added Argument If Jew is a race, then why can I convert to being a Jew?
5 Created Debate Who knows about Crowley and thelema?
1 Added Argument How does an atheist know what "evil" is?

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