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SpawnOfWank's Reward Points: 84

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument As civilized beings, we follow a set of rules. What happens when leaders VIOLATE the rules
5 Created Debate If you want to punch people isn't your concern for others fake?
2 Created Debate When your party's poison strikes too close to home
4 Added Argument Every mass murdering Communist leader preached peace & tolerance first
5 Created Debate Every mass murdering Communist leader preached peace & tolerance first
2 Created Debate Al Sharpton & Maxine Waters are the opposite of Martin Luther King Jr.
5 Created Debate Is it free speech to attack people in the streets or in restaurants?
1 Added Argument Any Trump haters want to talk about the DOW?
2 Added Argument Are you living a meaningful life?
1 Added Argument Kavanaugh Confirmed In 50-48 Vote
1 Created Debate Christine Blasey Ford ex boyfriend destroys her credibility
1 Created Debate Race relations were fine in America until Democrats used it as political weapon
1 Added Argument If the left is going commie, WHY does the orangeman EMBRACE the commie PUTIN?
5 Created Debate What is consciousness?
3 Created Debate If you manipulated gravity could you stop time?
1 Added Argument Do you consider Pluto to be a planet? Why or why not?
1 Added Argument I thought the Left hated invasion of privacy. What about Kavanaugh's childhood privacy?
1 Added Argument Is the Intellectual Dark Web Alt-Right?
1 Added Argument Did Christine Ford continue to choose to be a part of the party scene?
2 Created Debate Nom's anti Jew antisemitic Nazi propaganda is boring to read
1 Created Debate The answer to what has taken over control of Today's Democrat Party
3 Created Debate You are witnessing the Communist takedown of the US Congress
1 Created Debate Saturday Night Live goes MAGA
1 Added Argument If a woman sees a penis at a college party, it is considered sexual assault.

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