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1 Added Argument Democrats have no drawn up plan to negotiate verses a wall
1 Added Argument Is proposing a barrier then calling a barrier by your opponent immoral, slander?
1 Added Argument I'm NOT a furloughed employee, so the shutdown doesn't affect me. We should KEEP it going
1 Added Argument Soldiers are born to combat, i.e. killing each other, so soldiers have no rights to life.
0 Created Debate The libs spit on and cursed Excon when he came home from Vietnam. Yes or no?
1 Created Debate Liberalism is a narcissistic mental disorder
1 Added Argument Libs accuse Lyndsey Graham of being gay as if it's a bad thing to be gay
1 Added Argument Building a wall
1 Created Debate Trump Strikes Back: Cancels Pelosi’s Overseas Trip After SOTU Postponement Request
1 Created Debate Angel mom asks to talk to Pelosi. Pelosi gives her the middle finger
1 Created Debate Mexicans lash out at the next caravan wave of Honduran invaders
1 Created Debate Remember when we weren't given a choice on Obamacare? Enjoy your wall.
1 Added Argument I YAM what I YAM, and that's all that I YAM. I'm excon. I'll NEVER use a puppet account.
1 Added Argument Should you be PICKED for a high level government job, or should you LOBBY for it?
1 Created Debate Dow at 23,995.95
4 Created Debate Told you Jeff Flake was a Democrat mole
1 Added Argument Which show was better, Friends or Seinfeld?
1 Added Argument Would Democrats quickly come up with $5 billion to tear down a wall?
1 Created Debate Is welfare crumbs?
1 Added Argument Imagine If Obama Had Over Seventy Pending Lawsuits Against Him
1 Added Argument Are we gonna RUN OUT of oil?
5 Created Debate Liberal Disneyland raises tickets to over $100 for a day pass
1 Added Argument The arrogance and hypocrisy of Mingiwuwu is astonishing
1 Added Argument What provides a better quality life - city living, or country?

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