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1 Added Argument Have you ever noticed that alleged prolifers care more about the fetus than born humans?
3 High Rated Argument Are Atheists Demon Possessed?
1 Added Argument Are Atheists Demon Possessed?
1 Added Argument Mark 10:18 Proves Jesus was not God!
1 Added Argument Aparently there are 31 different genders.
2 Added Argument Does atheistic morality make any sense?
1 Added Argument I am on the leader board!
1 Added Argument The Pope says it's better to be an atheist than a bad Catholic
1 Added Argument DO you belive in the mormon religion?
1 Added Argument I love you :)
1 Added Argument Hi people, I am new to this site.
1 Added Argument Do People Who Claims to Be "Christian" Actually Adhere to Christ's Philosophy?
1 Added Argument Why is God a Jealous God if He is the Only One
2 High Rated Argument What's better: soccer or basketball?
5 High Rated Argument Anime or Sports
10 High Rated Argument Anime
9 High Rated Argument Which is better, anime or cartoons?
5 Created Debate Does atheistic morality make any sense?
2 Added Argument Should we update the bible?
1 Added Argument What if there's an alternate universe of alternate facts & there was a rip in space time &
2 Added Argument What does the Bible say about psychopaths?
1 Added Argument Who Will Win the Super Bowl?
1 Added Argument Your Favorite Non-PC Game Device?
4 Created Debate Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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