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Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is the bible the most immoral book ever written ?
1 Added Argument Why The Words Of Jesus Don't Work
1 Added Argument Could Christianity/Catholicism be reformed (again) to be much more tolerant?
5 Created Debate Atheist Myth "No One Have Ever Killed in the Name of Atheism" Debunked
4 Added Argument Find One Contradiction in the Bible
1 Added Argument Have you ever been in love?
2 Added Argument Yeshua versus Satan. Who would you rather worship?
0 Added Argument 2017 Prophecies
2 Added Argument Yeshua was tortured to death for your sins.
1 Added Argument I no longer believe in Evolution.
3 Added Argument To those who say that "practicing" gays and bisexuals can't be Christian. Checkmate.
1 Added Argument People on this site are getting less and less active....
4 Added Argument I miss those debaters from the past.... :(
4 Added Argument Humor me for a moment: What if it turns out Religion is just a big prank?
1 Added Argument An atheist is better than one who actually believes in God and blasphemes God.
1 Added Argument Do you wish there wasn't a god?
1 Added Argument Do you wish there wasn't a god?
5 Created Debate Why the United States is a Christian Nation
2 Added Argument Which Bible Story is the Most Loathsome?
4 Added Argument F*ck being pro-choice. I'm pro-abortion (serious)
1 Added Argument Karma, real or not?
1 Added Argument Should abortion be made legal?
1 Added Argument Do you think fighting someone about your beliefs will change theirs?
1 Added Argument Do you support Donald Rump as President Elect?

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