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WinstonC's Reward Points: 415

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2 Added Argument Controversial monuments from history
1 Added Argument The group ANTIFA are ANTI-FACSIST.. I'm anti-fascist.. Aren't you?
1 Added Argument Is Trump a white supremacist?
2 Added Argument How should we interpret the Second Amendmemt?
3 Created Debate Who is Your Favorite Historical Figure?
3 Added Argument Western Cultural Superiority
1 Added Argument If u accept or expect low expectations from a group, is that bigotry in disguise
2 Added Argument Do certain races have more right to certain regions of earth?
4 Added Argument Who is racist? Whites or blacks?
1 Added Argument When rhetoric is constantly race based, (particularly in pop media)..
1 Added Argument I'm a Jew. I STILL hate Nazis. Always will. Why SHOULDN'T black people HATE the white man?
1 Added Argument Berkeley can't even have leftist atheist debator, Richard Dawkins speak
1 Added Argument Will decimal be abolished and replaced with octal?
1 Added Argument White supremicists & ANTIFA are the same brand of people with same type of hate
6 Added Argument The United States is essentially in an unspoken Civil War
1 Added Argument Is this a stupid chicken, yes or no?
1 Added Argument Are vegans/vegetarians overreacting about animal rights?
1 Added Argument Should dogs squirt water out of their butt when they bark?
3 Added Argument Theism is Inherently Self-Contradictory
4 Added Argument Should prostitution be legal?
9 Added Argument Is it OK to punch a Nazi?
5 Created Debate Is it OK to punch a Nazi?
2 Added Argument "Randomness" Does Not Exist in Reality
1 Added Argument Do you think Caitlyn jenner should of won the courage award for being trans than an army v

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