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WinstonC's Reward Points: 864

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument We'd be safer if Sadaam, Mobarek & Gaddafi were still in power
1 Added Argument Are Nazi's allowed to participate in debates here? If they are I'm gone.
1 Added Argument Search Engines anyone?
1 Added Argument America: Are we a nation divided by hyperpartisan ideology?
1 Added Argument Video games are to blame for boys under-achievment
1 Added Argument Is Wikipedia a viable source of information?
1 Added Argument Can progressives be prolife?
1 Added Argument Are transgender people legitimately the gender they say they are?
1 Added Argument Consequentialism: do the ends justify the means?
3 Added Argument How difficult is it to understand God or the nature of existence of all spiritual beings?
1 Added Argument Debunking an academic argument regarding social constructivism
1 Added Argument SCHOOL

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