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WinstonC's Reward Points: 1001

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Pro/Anti Gun
1 Added Argument How to fix the homeless problem once and for all.
1 Added Argument IQ: Ranges, Meaning, and Achievement
2 Added Argument What are you unjustly compelled to do? What are you barred from?
1 Added Argument Parents who smoke cannibis should have there kids taken cause they are human garbage.
1 Added Argument Do groups that try to create utopian societies start wars and oppression?
1 Added Argument World Government - Diversity of Governance vs Homogeneity of Governance
1 Added Argument World Government - Diversity of Governance vs Homogeneity of Governance
5 Created Debate World Government - Diversity of Governance vs Homogeneity of Governance
1 Added Argument If Homosexuality is accepted, why shouldn't consensual incest be accepted?
1 Added Argument What qualities do you think women want in a man?
1 Added Argument Is voter antipathy towards both corporatist parties justified?
1 Added Argument Dear white people
1 Added Argument Progressives trash quotes from Obama’s SOTU when they think it’s Trump’s
1 Added Argument Tit for tat is acceptable..?
1 Added Argument Your fetishes are nothing to be ashamed about.
1 Added Argument Postmodernism Is Self Contradictory
1 Added Argument Will the wat people identify themselves go to far?
1 Added Argument Get Paid More = Work Harder? True or False?
5 Created Debate At what point in foetal development should abortion be illegal?
1 Added Argument Bernie Sanders for POTUS?
1 Added Argument Link Between Intelligence & Viewing the World in Greater Detail
1 Added Argument Should the U.S. build islands like China?
1 Added Argument Jordan Peterson vs. Cathy Newman Interview
1 Added Argument What makes a good debater?
1 Added Argument Tricky Question For Conservatives: Why Has Civilisation Continuously Become More Liberal?
5 Created Debate What makes a good debater?
1 Added Argument Is a Meritocratic Oligarchy Superior to a Democratic Republic?
1 Added Argument Is it Possible for everyone to succeed and be rich at once?
2 Added Argument Is Nazism a Statistically Relevant/Significant Concern in the Modern World?
1 Added Argument Have you learned anything from being on this site?
2 Added Argument Is fluoride safe and effective?
1 Added Argument What would happen if you dropped Trump off in the middle of zimbabwe with nothing but his
1 Added Argument Do fact checkers need fact checked?
1 Added Argument Why can't you have sex with a 13 year old girl?
1 Added Argument Liberals and conservatives hate each other. It wasn’t always that way. How do we fix it?
8 Added Argument Is Trump is a Racist?
1 Added Argument Is it All that Difficult to Enter the Middle-Class or Above in the Current USA S
1 Added Argument I Punched A Trump Supporter In The Mouth Today!
3 Added Argument "Shithole countries"-Trump am glad Africa heard it for themselves
1 Added Argument Capitalism & Communism - Same
1 Added Argument Milo With His Nazi Cross. Weev With His Swastika Tattoo.
2 Added Argument Up and down are more important than left and right
1 Added Argument Why do whites have the most gays/pedophiles/transgenders etc?
3 Added Argument Meat and dairy is the leading cause of disease
1 Added Argument Is Sexual Harassment a Gendered Issue?
1 Added Argument Crooked Hillary will go to jail

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