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WinstonC's Reward Points: 864

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1 Added Argument Third Wave Feminism is Good for Society
4 Added Argument SJW is an Unfairly Pejorative Term intended to Dismiss Sensible Views/Concerns
1 Added Argument End Affirmative Action
3 Added Argument Check Your Privilege: Good or Bad?
6 Added Argument Can you explain how determinism doesn't defeat justice/morality?
1 Added Argument Is Facebook 'suicide monitoring' good or invasion of privacy
1 Added Argument Do Comedians Push it too Far or are People Overly Sensitive?
3 Added Argument Check Your Privilege: Good or Bad?
2 Added Argument Cultural Relativism is Dangerous
1 Added Argument Theresa May: Trump was 'wrong' to retweet far-right posts
1 Added Argument "The only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
1 Added Argument What do you guys think about an audio debate?
5 Created Debate What do you guys think about an audio debate?
1 Added Argument Why, Under Capitalism, Are All The Bottom Feeders At The Top?
1 Added Argument Right wingers think the world is OVERPOPULATED.. What's their solution??
1 Added Argument Let's Not Waste Time Debating. Who Here Wants To Actually Fight Me?
1 Added Argument Does our daily activities affect the increase of poverty?
0 Added Argument Who Is The Bigger Liar: Amarel Or Bronto?
1 Added Argument Everyone should be vegeterians
1 Added Argument Nazism was far left and far right combined Part 2
1 Added Argument Are the Zionist Jews trying to control the world?
1 Added Argument Apparently there's a lot of value in religion.
5 Added Argument If Hitler was a commie, and the Russians were commies, why did they war on each other?
1 Added Argument Who's worse, ANTIFA or the Nazis?

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