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WinstonC's Reward Points: 1117

Points When What Where
4 Added Argument Should cigarettes be banned?
0 Added Argument If you saw someone suiciding would you save him/her?
1 Added Argument There Is Only One Type Of Person Who Wants To Own A Firearm
4 Added Argument Should females perform different roles in the military to males?
5 Created Debate Should females perform different roles in the military to males?
2 Added Argument Forced traffic compliance
2 Added Argument There's almost no statistical chance that you ever get shot
3 Added Argument What arguments are there in favor of citizens owning guns?
1 Added Argument In your misguided arrogance do you dispute the following indisputable facts?
1 Added Argument What are the pros and cons of Life extension technologies?
5 Created Debate What are the pros and cons of Life extension technologies?
0 Created Debate Life extension technologies: pros and cons
5 Created Debate Is the death penalty a good idea?
5 Created Debate What would your ideal society look like?
1 Added Argument Is freedom of speech a right?
1 Added Argument Will you follow the rules?
1 Added Argument Which takes more courage? To BE a racist or to STAND up to one??
1 Added Argument How can gay marriage hurt any one?
1 Added Argument How much brainwashing does it take to get you to hate your own race?
1 Added Argument Do you agree with spanking children?
1 Added Argument Murderers have actually used video games to practice how they will commit crime
1 Added Argument Should we abolish affirmative action?
0 Added Argument Watch Trump worshiping Nazi thugs in action
4 Added Argument The Independent: Neo-Nazis Claim Trump Thinks Exactly Like They Do
1 Added Argument Is money expensive?
1 Added Argument Rich or Famous?
2 Added Argument Vegans are usually liberals, what does that tell you?
2 Added Argument Does Capitalism Trap People In Patterns Of Low Self-Consciousness?
2 Added Argument Fat-Shaming or Health Campaign?
5 Added Argument Is the monetary system logical?
1 Added Argument Black men commit nearly half the murders in the U S ,why’s that ?
1 Added Argument Is there any platform for voice debate
4 Created Debate Would things be better if China or Russia were the dominant world power?
1 High Rated Argument Thoughts on Ben Shapiro?
1 Added Argument CD Members: Should we Hold a Debate Tournament?
1 Added Argument I am the Supreme and Ultimate Reality
1 Added Argument Globalism vs Nationalism
1 Added Argument Would an atheist tell a dying child there is no God?
1 Added Argument Do illegal Mexicans have the right to protest in America?
3 Added Argument God's omniscience and our free will...
1 Added Argument Pro/Anti Gun
1 Added Argument Thoughts on Noam Chomsky?
1 Added Argument Thoughts on Ben Shapiro?
1 Added Argument Thoughts on Jordan Peterson?
1 Added Argument Organic or conventional food?
1 Added Argument Is slavery wrong
1 Added Argument Trump comes in last in expert presidential rankings survey
2 Added Argument Pro/Anti Gun

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