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1 Created Debate Representative Omar reacts to being BANNED from Israel. She has her bigoted self to blame.
1 Created Debate Things are looking bad for this CNN host.
1 Created Debate GO Kentucky!
1 Added Argument Picture ID required to attend Democratic Party convention
1 Created Debate Jesus.
1 Added Argument Is the world going to hell under Donald Trump
1 Added Argument Do you agree that the SJW squad should be banned from Israel?
1 Added Argument Churches train congregants with guns in wake of of mass shootings.
2 Added Argument Leftist wants to put "Gun Owners in Prison" ! This Elitist has lost her mind !
3 Created Debate Are you serious?
1 Created Debate Liberals: Is this the type of dictatorship you want?
2 Created Debate AWESOME! The squad really DOES need to get the Hell out of dodge!
2 Created Debate Are abortion patients just as immoral as a rapist?
1 Added Argument Jews Did 9/11
1 Added Argument Netanyahu accused of Muslim ban, when Muslims live in Israel. Sit on that, libs!
1 Added Argument Fucking A! Iran is torturing people to death? Thoughts?
3 Created Debate Churches train congregants with guns in wake of of mass shootings.
1 Created Debate Ruh roh files, Part 1!
1 Added Argument How do you stop the lib media from inspiring mass shooters
1 Added Argument Where is the MSM on this one? -Ben Shapiro
1 Added Argument Do we need common sense knife control in the ISA?
1 Added Argument No one is more hypocritical about guns, than Hollywood! -Joe Rogan
2 Added Argument Oh wow, Google blacklists a Christian news outlet. What bigots!
1 Created Debate Your thoughts on this video?

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