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beanbag's Reward Points: 157

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do we want to see Rosie (O'Donnell) on tv again?
5 Created Debate Are we going to have attacks worse than 9/11 in the near future?
1 Created Debate Is Obama forging a birth certificate in Hawaii?
1 Added Argument Who has more experience?
1 Added Argument Was it wrong for the San Fransisco 1st graders to attend a gay wedding?
5 Created Debate Was it wrong for the San Fransisco 1st graders to attend a gay wedding?
3 Created Debate Do you agree with G.W.B's plan?
1 Added Argument Psychoactive Drug Use
2 Created Debate How long willl it take us to use up the worlds oil?
1 Added Argument Do you want Congress to approve the $700B bailout plan?
2 Created Debate Do you agree with all that Obama says in this interview?
1 Added Argument Simple question: Is America waking up?
5 Created Debate Will we ever find Osama Bin Laden?
1 Added Argument Who's the better of these two guitarists?
2 Created Debate Will McCain survive his 1st term?
1 Added Argument is this cool or what?
0 Created Debate Do you believe that bradf0rd is a douche bag?
0 Created Debate This is funny.
1 Added Argument Who is your choice?
4 Created Debate Who is your choice?
5 Created Debate Will our country's economy get worse if Obama becomes president?
5 Created Debate Left or right?
1 Added Argument Peanut Butter.........
5 Created Debate Peanut Butter.........

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