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beastforever's Reward Points: 457

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Who Is The Bigger Liar: Amarel Or Bronto?
1 Added Argument Who is the best and worst troll and why?
2 Added Argument Vegans could never survive in nature.
1 Added Argument For or against using this plateform with students?
1 Added Argument If Christianity is a fairy tale, why do you suppose so many spend their lives judging it?
1 Added Argument What is science?
5 Created Debate What do you think about this?
3 Added Argument Can there ever be two or more objective truths?
-1 Downvoted Argument Can there ever be two or more objective truths?
1 Added Argument Adults Learn a Second Language Faster and Better then Children.
2 High Rated Argument If someone is drowning and you refuse to help, are you responsible for his death
2 Added Argument Should wearing the Swastika be protected under Free Speech?
1 Added Argument science or religion?
2 Added Argument Obvious lying: Problem with Trump or USA politics?
1 Added Argument Should we censor pornography from the Internet?
1 Added Argument If all of these migrants created a country would they let liberals in
1 Added Argument Homosexuals - should their existence be mentioned to children?
1 Added Argument Is atheism the most logical theistic stance?
1 Added Argument Self pity will destroy a person. Yes or no?
1 Added Argument Should a Muslim baker have to bake a cake for a gay wedding?
1 Added Argument Why be moral?
1 Added Argument Please Stop Bronto Cheating The Voting System
1 Added Argument Bronto is too controversial for the site. Agree or disagree?
5 Created Debate what in your assumption of bronto's secret of staying on top of the weekly leade

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