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2 Added Argument Did our soldiers DIE protecting the flag, or our civil liberties?
1 Added Argument Puerto Rico is DESTROYED. Puerto Ricans are headed our way. Should we STOP 'EM
1 Added Argument Does the Constituion REQUIRE a reason to protest, or can you do it cause you LIKE it??
2 Added Argument Shooting at Tennessee Church Of Christ. One Dead and Six Wounded
3 Added Argument NASCAR owners will fire Drivers and Crew if they kneel during National Anthem
1 Added Argument I WILL run out of money before I run out of life. I'll end up in a nursing home. You?
1 Added Argument I WILL run out of money before I run out of life. I'll end up in a nursing home. You?
2 Created Debate Globalism is simply a type of imperialism at full force
3 Added Argument Is it racist to say "white power"? If so, is it racist to say "black power"?
1 Added Argument Moderate liberals and moderate cons dont have that many differences.
1 Created Debate Alton Nolen, insane or alahu akbar?
5 Created Debate Do you actually know a Nazi or Klan member in real life? Yeah me neither.
3 Created Debate Trump should wiretap next Dem candidate in case they did something illegal
2 Created Debate Tom Brady porked Ivanka Trump. yes or no?
5 Created Debate Trump administration was wiretapped.
2 Added Argument Should you punch a Nazi??
1 Added Argument Is it really divine to forgive? And where would you draw the line?
3 Created Debate If it's so bad in these countries why do they breed like rabbits?
1 Added Argument What do you think about Venezuelan refugees?
3 Created Debate Venezuela has fallen because Socialism was enacted successfully
5 Created Debate The terms racist, phobic and Nazi have effectively become meaningless
4 Created Debate Was your parents' generation happier than yours? why/why not
5 Created Debate Republicans will have to free the slaves from Democrats one more time
5 Created Debate Why do we only see liberals starting violence and muzzling free speech?

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