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brontoraptor's Reward Points: 17202

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1 Created Debate People not in charge when Russian hacking is said to have occurred
1 Created Debate People in charge when Russian hacking is claimed to have occurred
1 Created Debate That time Obama told the libs about Russian hacking...
1 Created Debate The Republicans were targeted by the Russians left out of indictment...
2 Added Argument Schumer Spin Recycling: Trump is kneecapping allies & building up enemies
1 Added Argument So which is it, is Trump going to start a nuclear war or is he too soft on Russia and N.K.
2 Created Debate Putin Offers Mueller Access to Indicted Agents
1 High Rated Argument Democrats 2018 slogan is a Failure
1 High Rated Argument Are th attacks on the Bible justified?
2 High Rated Argument The Donald is visiting Vlad today. Is he gonna CONFRONT Vlad for meddling in our election?
1 High Rated Argument I challenge you to show me one example of an honest Jew
2 High Rated Argument Is it worse to lock your doors or let a thief in to murder your family

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