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1 Added Argument Mueller's investigation team is falling apart
2 Added Argument Does Israel Have The Moral Right To Exist?
2 Added Argument Consequentialism: do the ends justify the means?
5 Created Debate Frankin
1 Added Argument Kaepernick says he'll stand for Anthem if he can get his job back
1 Added Argument "The only person that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."
1 Added Argument New liberal pecking order is Muslims over gays
1 Added Argument Nazism was the uniting of the far right and far left into one ideology
1 Added Argument Americans Are So Gullible And Stupid That It Terrifies Me
2 Added Argument While liberals cry and whine about being poor and oppressed by 1%
1 Added Argument Why do Libs want cops to have guns but not the rest of us...
1 Added Argument Should we care about rape in prison?

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