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1 Added Argument Is a Manafort PARDON in the works???
1 Created Debate Goodby Aretha.. You rang my bell
5 Created Debate The White House says they CAN'T guarantee a tape won't surface with Trump using the N word
5 Created Debate Is a Manafort PARDON in the works???
5 Created Debate If you graduate with a boatload of debt and no job prospects, does capitalism work for you
1 Added Argument Capitalists Want You To Work Until You Drop So THEY Can Get Rich
2 Added Argument Literally Everything Trump And His Supporters Say Is A Lie
1 Added Argument Are Nazis pro Israel and pro Jerusalem as its capital?
1 Added Argument If Hitler claimed to be a socialist...what were his followers? Socialists?
1 Added Argument The Second Coming and human cloning
1 Added Argument If Hitler pretended to be socialist should I trust people claiming 2 be socialists?
1 Added Argument America was never great? Doesn't that make you the enemy clown?
-1 Downvoted Argument Is this CreateDebate, or CreateHate???
2 Added Argument Is this CreateDebate, or CreateHate???
5 Created Debate Is this CreateDebate, or CreateHate???
5 Created Debate To WIN a Republican primary, you have to be so far right, that you can't win a general
5 Created Debate Are NORMAL people bummed out that I CAPITALIZE words??
2 Added Argument The reality of ANTIFA
4 Created Debate Do WE have the right to KNOW, or does Trump have the right to CONCEAL?
5 Created Debate Did the birther-in-chief try to DELEGITIMIZE Obama's presidency? Is it HIS turn?
2 Created Debate Are Democrats ACTUALLY running things from the deep state?
3 Created Debate Blue wave??
1 Added Argument Libs screamed about freedom of the press then blocked Alex Jones
1 Added Argument The white supremacist jagaloons...all 20 of them, led by a man who was a lib

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