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1 Added Argument Progressive announces "Plan to Forgive All Student Debt"
1 Added Argument Democrats are accusing Hispanics of putting people in concentration camps
1 Added Argument President Trump Scores His Highest USA/Suffolk Approval Rating Ever
1 Added Argument Ocasio-Cortez Refuses Invite 2 Visit Concentration Camps With Holocaust Survivor
1 Added Argument Do 3D prints of ultrasounds prove unlimited abortion for no good reason is evil?
1 Added Argument Trump vows to cure cancer and eradicate AIDS as he kicks off reelection campaign
1 Added Argument When nom tries to pretend 2018 was a bad stock market year. 不不不不
1 Added Argument Rat falls from ceiling onto table at Buffalo Wild Wings
1 Added Argument Are you Trumpaphobic?
1 Added Argument Voters Say Trump Better for Blacks Than Obama, But More Is Needed
1 Added Argument Is it misogyny to not celebrate these womens' accomplishments?
2 Added Argument Should America go to war with Iran?
3 Added Argument Are you Trumpaphobic?
2 Added Argument POTUS Trump pulls out of military strike against Iran. Right move?
1 Added Argument Should America go to war with Iran?
2 Added Argument Some Bumfuk drone footage
5 Created Debate Trump starts attack, then stops cause people will die. Is Trump a PUSSY?
1 Added Argument Gender confused kid decides to start shooting classmates
5 Created Debate Do YOU smoke cigarettes?? Waddya think about that?
2 Created Debate 11% of women SMOKE cigarettes during pregnancy. Does it FUCK up the fetus??
1 Added Argument Is Joe Biden a man without a party?
1 Added Argument If your dog began speaking to you in human English, would you speak back?
5 Created Debate Does Iran have a vibrant westernized middle class?
4 Added Argument Auschwitz Memorial Responds to AOC being a clown

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