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1 Added Argument The Robert Mueller investigation is unraveling before our very eyes
1 Added Argument Obama's real middle name is 'Millhouse'
6 Added Argument Do you believe that 'fighting' sports should be outlawed?
6 Added Argument Unbanned version: Is it ethical to force tolerance of gays on businesses?
-1 Downvoted Argument Can you explain how determinism doesn't defeat justice/morality?
1 Added Argument SJW is an Unfairly Pejorative Term intended to Dismiss Sensible Views/Concerns
4 Created Debate Trump lawyer: President CAN’T obstruct justice. Is that the law?
1 Added Argument If you are traveling at 80mph, how long will it take to go 80 miles?
1 Added Argument Do you think the First Amendment is obsolete?
1 Added Argument Should the first amendment be revised to include modern concerns?
1 Added Argument Should prisoners be able to vote?
1 Added Argument Third Wave Feminism is Good for Society
1 Added Argument Are social issues or fiscal issues more important
1 Added Argument End Affirmative Action
1 Added Argument Social Security Should be Dismantled
1 Added Argument Facts of the new GOP tax law....
1 Added Argument A huge debt is owed to soldiers who fought in Vietnam
1 Added Argument Cultural Relativism is Dangerous
1 Added Argument Elizabeth Warren stole funds from Native Americans
1 Added Argument Compulsory Vasectomies For Overpopulation
0 Added Argument GoodListener has major mental issues
1 Added Argument More mass layoffs at ESPN because of becoming liberal political mouthpiece
1 Added Argument Cultural Relativism is Dangerous
1 Added Argument Check Your Privilege: Good or Bad?

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