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foratag's Reward Points: 242

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1 Added Argument Who would YOU like to send to Mars?
1 Added Argument The GOP LOVES abortion and the proof is right before your eyes.
1 Added Argument Should evolution be taught in schools? (PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION)
1 Added Argument Kaepernick says he'll stand for Anthem if he can get his job back
1 Added Argument Mueller's investigation team is falling apart
1 Added Argument 3/4 of Alabamians believe accusations against Moore are lib hit job
1 Added Argument Do Comedians Push it too Far or are People Overly Sensitive?
1 Added Argument Is overpopulation the number one cause of Climate Change?
1 Added Argument If Mueller concludes that Trump BROKE the law, will the Republican congress
1 Added Argument People Are Dumb And This Site Proves It
5 Added Argument Nazism was far left and far right combined Part 2
1 Added Argument Liberals don't care what the Constitution says

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