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0 Added Argument I met a jamaican guy who said he had sex with a sheep.
1 Added Argument Is the West Justified in using Military Action in Syria?
1 Added Argument If Trump didn't know about the contract with Stormy Daniels, is it a contract?
1 Added Argument Should guns be banned in the US
-1 Downvoted Argument 60 years ago we had few gun restrictions, yet there were no random mass school shootings.
1 Added Argument Manafort has a choice: Spend the rest of his life in prison or turn on Trump
-1 Downvoted Argument Do illegal Mexicans have the right to protest in America?
-1 Downvoted Argument If you obsess over citizen's guns but not the government's guns/nukes/drones etc...
-1 Downvoted Argument Republican or Democrat?
-1 Downvoted Argument Atheists, what is wrong with more evolved pond scum...
1 Added Argument When Liberals and Open borders RINOs let the Freudian truth slip...
-1 Downvoted Argument
-1 Downvoted Argument Dear white people
-1 Downvoted Argument Trump in a panic, is orchestrating TREASON
-1 Downvoted Argument Trump is making his move against Mueller. How will America react to his firing?
-1 Downvoted Argument Trump is making his move against Mueller. How will America react to his firing?
-1 Downvoted Argument Trump is making his move against Mueller. How will America react to his firing?
1 Added Argument Do you support a Russian mass migration into Alaska with amnesty?
1 Added Argument What's your favorite Trump lie? Mine is
-1 Downvoted Argument The FBI had an anti-Trump secret society
1 Added Argument Dems want the Government to shut down because this is their only hope of slowing economy.
1 Added Argument Republican individualism.
1 Added Argument The core value of Democratic party is hate for the 'inferior' group
1 Added Argument Is a border wall an archaic answer to illegal migrants?
1 Added Argument Is Trump is a Racist?
1 Added Argument The Democrat Party has been completely taken over by their extreme Liberal wing.
1 Added Argument Television Star/Billionaire for President! No, Not Trump... Oprah!
1 Added Argument You COULD say that Trump is UNFIT, but he's passing laws I like.
-1 Downvoted Argument Why do so many Muslims want to live in mostly Christian countries
1 Added Argument To all the liars who say the Democrat Party does not support No Restriction abortions...
1 Added Argument Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
1 Added Argument Christian Violence - Abortion Clinics
1 Added Argument Not one Democrat voted to cut taxes on the lower and middle class workers! Why?
1 Added Argument Not one Democrat voted to cut taxes on the lower and middle class workers! Why?
1 Added Argument The Republican tax cut adds $1.5 trillion to the debt.. How do they FIX that??
1 Added Argument What do we do if it turns out that Putin DID influence our election??
1 Added Argument If Democrats win the House in 2020, should they gerrymander Congressional districts?
1 Added Argument Bomb goes off in NYC. CNN covers? Trump all day.
1 Added Argument Franken sex scandal was a pawn to go after Trump
1 Added Argument Mark this as the day Trump finally jumped the shark
1 Added Argument President Trump's move to make Jerusalem cpital of Israel.
1 Added Argument Is anyone else as sick of the low level childish name calling as I am?
1 Added Argument Who would YOU like to send to Mars?
1 Added Argument The GOP LOVES abortion and the proof is right before your eyes.
1 Added Argument Should evolution be taught in schools? (PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION)
1 Added Argument Kaepernick says he'll stand for Anthem if he can get his job back
1 Added Argument Mueller's investigation team is falling apart
1 Added Argument 3/4 of Alabamians believe accusations against Moore are lib hit job
1 Added Argument Do Comedians Push it too Far or are People Overly Sensitive?
1 Added Argument Is overpopulation the number one cause of Climate Change?
1 Added Argument If Mueller concludes that Trump BROKE the law, will the Republican congress
1 Added Argument People Are Dumb And This Site Proves It
5 Added Argument Nazism was far left and far right combined Part 2
1 Added Argument Liberals don't care what the Constitution says
1 Added Argument Who is your favorite musician of all time?
1 Added Argument Should America raise taxes to lower the national debt
1 Added Argument Democratic Congressman says he's introducing a Bill to Punish Campus "Hate Speech"
1 Added Argument We should give in to BLM's demands. Yes or No?
1 Added Argument Do you support Donald Trump as U.S. President? If so, why? If not, why not?
1 Added Argument Who wants to kick off the civil war MORE, righty's or lefty's??
1 Added Argument Trump pardoned a KKK sonofabitch...
2 Added Argument Right wingers SAY the Constitution doesn't apply in Cuba. But, let's look at the WORDS..
1 Added Argument A: If you MENTION the word racist, you ARE one! B: If you DON'T, you're BLIND!
1 Added Argument A: Prisoners should be treated as SHABBILY as possible. B: The Constitution says no.
1 Added Argument Does the pardon of Arpio send a signal to brutal and racist cops that Trump has their back
1 Added Argument Is Japan racist or just using common sense?
1 Added Argument Trump seems to think you can just "clean" coal
1 Added Argument So called Moderate Muslims do what so called Liberal Christians do. Twist their reigion.
2 Added Argument Western Cultural Superiority
1 Added Argument Creating affordable health care for all is INCOMPATIBLE with modern conservative ideology
5 Created Debate No Medicaid cuts in health bill
1 Added Argument Trump supporters aren't BAD people.. They're just victims of Stockholm Syndrome
1 Added Argument According to some, if you DRIVE a car, you can't call yourself an environmentalist..
1 Added Argument What exactly is it that Democrats stand for?
1 Added Argument Venezuela’s Poor, Start rebellion against Socialist Regime, Where Is Bernie Sanders ?
1 Added Argument The cut in Medicaid is probably gonna kill me.. You too.
1 Added Argument 'Pedophobe' will be the next regressive left catch word
1 Added Argument In the UK politicians have proposed a maximum wage to lessen inequality.
1 Added Argument What's the answer to yesterday's shootings??
1 Added Argument Bette Midler drops the most INSANE response to the London Terror Attack
2 Added Argument Manmade climate change truth or fiction??
1 Added Argument The Paris accord is another example of why I say the Left wants a one world Government.
1 Added Argument The world is better off if the US just leaves the Paris Agreement
1 Added Argument People with low self esteem insult others because they hate themselves
2 Added Argument Liberals saying they are pro Feminist is a big fat lie.
1 Added Argument Homeowner’s son shoots and kills three would-be burglars
1 Added Argument Guess which city lost the "Most People This Year" Winner is Chicago
1 Added Argument should the U.S.A annex Canada
2 Added Argument Lower blood alcohol limit in Utah is on the Racist Radar
1 Added Argument Paris airport attacker suspected of "Islamist Radicalism"
1 Added Argument Rachel Maddow fails miserably on Trump tax return
1 Added Argument Minorities Will Be 'Fighting Each Other' Before Outnumbering White Population.
1 Added Argument 8G - Topic 1: Right to Bear Arms
1 Added Argument What scares Democrats about Guns
1 Added Argument Violence erupts at Berkeley March for Trump
2 Added Argument Shocker: Socialist Venezuela is Running Out Of Money

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