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mrcatsam's Reward Points: 534

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Am I A Bad Person Just Because I Find Children Attractive?
-1 Downvoted Argument Brontoraptor Is A Great Example Of How You Can Fail At Life
1 Added Argument Would you prefer to live in a Communist, Muslim or Christian nation?
2 Added Argument Ever noticed how burritolunch's British spelling fades in & out
5 Created Debate Let me make one thing (lots of things) clear
1 Added Argument Is Donald Trump grabbing America by the ****y?
5 Created Debate The hatred thrown back and forth on this site is why I don't use it often
1 Added Argument What would estimate is Outlaw's IQ?
1 Added Argument As always, Leftists on this site judge Christians today by events a thousand years ago.
-1 Downvoted Argument Bronto Demonstrates All The Classic Behavioural Traits Of A Predatory Online Paedophile
2 Added Argument Bronto Demonstrates All The Classic Behavioural Traits Of A Predatory Online Paedophile
1 Added Argument Outlaw is a retarded Anarcho-Capitalist buffoon who can't defend his own system
2 Created Debate RIP GW Bush (1924-2018) and Happy Birthday to Winston Churchill - 144 years old yesterday
1 Added Argument I BELIEVE in free speech. To wit, I have NEVER banned anybody. Have you?
5 Created Debate FromWithin and hia kind will die out because of natural selection
1 Added Argument Can You Imagine If Obama Had Called Immigrants "Filthy Animals"?
1 Added Argument I know why the Left has such intolerance for Christian beliefs. Total insecurity!
3 Created Debate Thoughts on Theresa May?
1 Added Argument Do you have to be feminine to be a white, male Democrat?
1 Added Argument Kaepernick was raised by well off whites in a well off white neighborhood
1 Added Argument Niggers and Jews
2 Added Argument Let's see, Dems hate Trump for his Conservatism but No Restriction abortions are ok?
1 Added Argument Democrats then: not accepting election results is a threat to democracy
1 Added Argument Trump in great shape when it comes to the Law

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