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negligent's Reward Points: 167

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Is your pets body sacred? When your pet dies, should the body be burried and/or cremated?
1 Added Argument Is your body some sacred thing, or just a vehicle to get you around in life??
1 Added Argument creativity or business
7 Added Argument Do you agree with Chris Rock banning cell phones and watches from performances?
1 Added Argument Should foreign language be a requirement to graduate high school? pros and cons
-1 Downvoted Argument According to the Bible (Old and New Testament) Jesus is God.
-1 Downvoted Argument According to the Bible (Old and New Testament) Jesus is God.
1 Added Argument I don't think Trump LIKES being president any more.. Do you?
1 Added Argument Should 25 year olds be tried as juveniles?
1 Added Argument Are men biologically stronger than women? Are liberals anti science?
1 Added Argument Evolution of humans
2 Added Argument Should teachers have so much control over students?
3 Added Argument Which is More Powerful? Volcano VS Earthquake
1 Added Argument Should PG graffiti on public property be legal?
1 Added Argument Is the death penalty a good or bad thing?
1 Added Argument Should we be able to choose our religion?
1 Added Argument How old should kids be to really date
1 Added Argument Big Macs vs Whoppers
1 Added Argument What do you think would end the world earlier, a supernova or a black hole?
1 Added Argument What should a Trump border wall be like?
1 Added Argument SPOONS VS. FORKS
1 Added Argument Would you cage an animal for food which is abusing them?
1 Added Argument For eller imod prostitution

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