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pizzakitty's Reward Points: 68

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Tax payer funded abortin.
1 Added Argument Why can't women walk around topless if fat disgusting men can?
1 Added Argument CD Members: Should we Create a 'Formal' Section?
1 Added Argument Someone please explain how socialism and liberalism are OPPOSING ideologies?
4 Created Debate Is our medical system corrupt?
1 Added Argument Let's remove all kinds of religion, but to unite the world
4 Added Argument Test Debate
4 Added Argument Test Debate
1 Added Argument Should evolution be taught in schools? (PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION)
1 Added Argument Liberalism is Naziism
1 Added Argument Can Science and Morality co-exist?
1 Added Argument @FactMachine Needs 70 Accounts Because His Opinion Is So Stupid.

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