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ricedaragh's Reward Points: 2525

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Why is littlemisfit a atheist?
1 High Rated Argument I'm back on!
1 Added Argument I may stop posting until Andy does something about the troll situation
1 Added Argument Ever Wondered What A Vegetable Thinks About (Please Answer as to what it would)!
0 Added Argument dO YOU LIKE PIE?
1 Added Argument Should Homosexuals be allow to be in church?
1 Added Argument I'm back on!
1 Added Argument Atheists are wrong
0 Added Argument LOVE SPAMMING
1 Added Argument Here's a solution that Hellno would surely like to see implemented.
1 Added Argument Hip-Hop music is a bad influence.
3 Added Argument Why are atheists so closed minded and bigotted?
0 Added Argument Why are atheists so STUPID TO REALIZE that evolution is rejected by the Creation Mueseam
1 Added Argument Are there any better headphones than Beats by Dr.Dre?
1 Added Argument Can organisms evolve the ability to evolve?
4 Added Argument Many doctors are starting to take astrology seriously.
1 Added Argument Is Minecraft cool!
1 Added Argument Proof that the Brits are all screwed up.
2 High Rated Argument Evolution is a lie
2 Added Argument Who are your top 5 favorite all-time CD users?
1 High Rated Argument Is the Christian God evil?
1 Added Argument Diet Coke vs. Coca-Cola Zero
1 Added Argument Diet Coke vs. Coca-Cola Zero
2 Added Argument Does he (Ben) have a point?

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