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1 Added Argument Is the human male penis a serious weakness that needs to be removed?
1 Added Argument Should the government offer financial assistance (in certain cases) for abortion
1 Added Argument Why Is The Belief That Jesus Is Still Alive Not Considered A Mental Illness?
4 Added Argument The Liberal Narrative is dead. Make Americans men again...
2 Added Argument Liberal bias has infiltrated every facet of life including sports, the news, and comedy
1 Added Argument Can Real, Meaningful Change Ever Be Achieved Without Violence?
-1 Downvoted Argument The Bible: Truth or Fiction?
-1 Downvoted Argument The Bible: Truth or Fiction?
1 Added Argument New study says non-religious more close-minded then religious
1 Added Argument 100,000 Migrants have entered Europe by crossing the Mediterranean this Year
1 Added Argument Should faith schools be banned?
1 Added Argument More Acid Attacks In London
1 Added Argument What's the answer to yesterday's shootings??
1 Added Argument If YOU went to North Korea and got arrested, would it be YOUR fault, or the Koreans?
1 Added Argument Should gay marriage be illegal?
3 Added Argument The Bible: Truth or Fiction?
1 Added Argument Is there a War on boys?
2 Added Argument The Horror of "Baby Farming"
1 Added Argument Why isn't Communism as hated as Nazism?
4 Added Argument Proof that God does NOT exist.
1 Added Argument The Paris accord is another example of why I say the Left wants a one world Government.
-1 Downvoted Argument Is this universe created by solely natural processes?
5 Added Argument More London mass killings. I bet Great B. wished they exited the Euro nations years ago.
2 Added Argument Manmade climate change truth or fiction??

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