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RSS 11nasa

Reward Points:14
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-1 points

you spelled sniCkers wrong.......................... im sorry

1 point

uhh yeah pennies are cool... they are lucky if found heads up on the side walk or street, ground, ect....

1 point

uh yeah your right ewww...

(unless there is a slight coldish draft which happens every once in awhile then i just might) no one likes to be cold;)

chlorine isnt going to just make your grose pee particals just dissapear anyways!

1 point

people make mistakes... ALL THE TIME! but being judged and killed... shouldn't be an option. it should not be legal.

say a father had a 7 year old girl just for says and a man raped and murdered his little girl... then i would understand the father for wanting him to die and i would to but once he is caught then he can spend his life in prison. because if he dies and believes in god then he will still go to heaven with riches. so i don't believe that people who have problems with killing or having any issues that have to do with the death penalty should just be kept in prison for life! not 30 years life, that what they call life in prison. am i correct?

i know this is long but i feel strong about this debate... :)

2 points

dude? legalized pot? hell yeah!!! you people on the other side? PSYCHO! ;) no offense

1 point

of course not! god gave you life? is that harsh? UHHH.... no!

2 points

i dont know what obama lied about :(

someone tell me:)

i only picked yes for wanting to know because it is postive

6 points

the idea of school uniforms is suffocating a students ability to represent themselves in a unique and justifying way!

if students cant rebel with their clothing(every student does at one point) they will rebel in other way, get into trouble, etc. if they have to wear uniforms they cannot show their style as to me a students style is part of their personality well... its part of their life.. a big part.

hope this put a view point on life for people that think school uniforms should be enforced!

Winning Position: Oh Yeah!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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