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1 point

Why boys?

1 point

You see, the point of debates is to fight for your opinion. Debating is just the more respectful version of fighting but some fights are pretty entertaining to read on here. Like the one on this side. It's hilarious and there's no purpose to it, but it's entertaining. Fighting is one of the things that keeps this website from being full of boring, dull arguments.

2 points

Great point... except that choosing who to ban is not for you or anyone other than the staff/creator(s) of the website to decide.

12335(25) Clarified
1 point

Limited freedoms? More like no freedom. At least as a citizen, shouldn't they be able to exercise their inalienable rights?

1 point

Agreeable, but do you consider prisoners citizens, or slaves?

1 point

All these little statistics saying that the population is declining is baloney. Everywhere I turn, people are pushing through each other, squeezing to get out of the way. Have you heard of traffic? Yeah... that's kinda what happens when too many people exist.

1 point

Sterilization is a bit too harsh and forceful and there has been too much controversy over it (especially in the past). I think putting a fee on 3rd children would be an acceptable solution? (Didn't mean to dispute, sorry)

1 point

Do you believe people can change? Do you think that it is simply just an American who made a mistake, and doesn't deserve to be stripped of their inalienable rights? Also, 39% of prisoners are wrongly convicted and shouldn't even be in prison. Isn't it bad enough that they are already locked up and also aren't aloud to vote?

12335(25) Clarified
1 point

I'm assuming a 2-child policy would be fair enough. Currently, the average number of children per family is about 3-4.

2 points

I was actually thinking about this yesterday, but overpopulation is a huge problem and it's not being recognized as much as it should be. If you remember taking biology, thereĊ› something called carrying capacity. Right now, humans are at an exponential growth with no limitations. Eventually we will reach the carrying capacity, like a shortage of food, or space, or change in environment (global warming), that will end up with a mass number of deaths. The problem is that America wants everyone to be happy and free to do anything they want. China, however, is on the right track.

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