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1 point

ya because they actualy study and lisent in class and their schools are more strict on education so no talking or fooling around in class dombo and you are wrong if you dont understand go see your teacher

and based on what study what is your source

1 point

It helps you practice and because alot of people dont study or lisen in class homework is the only thing when done properly that makes you pass even for the people who do study homework is important it tells you what in the subject you realy understand and what you don't

1 point

teachers should rebuce the amount of homework given to 30 min max of homewrok per class given each day cause teachers remember students have more then 1 class per day.but dont band homework it makes youThe student pratice the subject and so makes you pass your tests.

2 points

hell that is true that people can track you down and did you know that by face book people can also break into your computer and brake it from the inside with viruses my sister's frend can do it.

1 point

use skype it is mush safer and you can actually tallk to that person all around the world

2 points

facebook is also very dangerous for a steal of indentity so be carefull

2 points

All those facebook games are fun to play but are full of viruses.the wores thing for your computer even if you have an anty virus

2 points

all your arguments dont tell why facebook is not good .Lisen I'M on facebook myself but I do think facebook can be very dangourous for cyber bullying(bullying on internet).And people also add eny one and then speak to people they dont now meet them and that is very dangerrous becaus that person could be a pervert that is manupulating you to abuse you this already happened and could happen to you to so if you put an argument put why you are against at least. So it isn't nesearaly bad but it is very dangerous.and no I will not put myself a point just to win I will leave other people do it so that it is fair

Winning Position: for the use of facebo facebook

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