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1 point

It isn't immoral. After all, you don't judge someone based on what they wear or how they look like. It''s their inner character you SHOULD be looking at.

1 point

We, as citizens, should help the others, when they are in need, to ensure their welfare. We should donate to those organisations that help the needy..

0 points

No, it is not totally up to her. The baby is already considered a sentinel being, and hence the government needs to protect the baby's RIGHT TO LIVE. Babies have human rights too, just because of a mother's selfish ways, can she take away someone's human rights? No.

1 point

Yes, it is your body. You have the right to choose what you want to do with it. But, hey, if you don't like your baby, and you just abort it, saying, the baby has is not even born, it has no feelings, it is not a human, how about when you have a living child, and you don't like him/her, do you just murder him/her like that? NO! Exactly. Abortion is an extremely selfish thing to do.

0 points

Babies are humans and the government should protect the baby's rights to live.

1 point

Yes, abortion is selfish. You have already decided to have a baby, why abandon it after? There are even cases of gender-selective abortion! The baby, once its gender is known, is considered a sentinel being and should be given a right to live! Babies also have human rights, they are humans, they have the right to live, they SHOULD be given the right to live. If the mother just selfishly aborts the baby, the baby would not have a chance to live its life, and that is very selfish.

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