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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

That wiki article never once states that it is talking about time.

I said shut up, you boring, stupid, lying idiot.

Einstein's concept of spacetime uses such a 4D space

3 points

Stop apoligizing to these hateful idiots. You need not worry about any insults these anti Christian fools throw at you.

Shut up you insane militant extremist. Go bomb an abortion clinic or something. Why is it that you pepper all your hateful personal attacks with the accusation that the person you are hatefully attacking is hateful? It's because you're a hypocrite, right? You have double standards that would make the devil blush.

Again(125) Clarified
1 point

Democracy is only truly viable when it is the social norm to be reasonable and educated, which it currently is not

And you are a significant contributing factor to that, so congratulations on being the very thing preventing change.

1 point

Time is not a spatial dimension XD

Literally shut up you boring, stupid child.

1 point


I have never had an account by that name.


I don't know who that is.

You need to be evaluated by a professional.

1 point

I prefer a democratic vote, though. I promise not to be mean about it.

Okay. Me too.

I'm not necessarily saying I disagree with you, but here is the counter-argument.

There is an asteroid hurtling to Earth at thousands of metres per second, and it is large enough to wipe us all out instantly. The democratic vote says one thing. Albert Einstein says another.

Democratic vote or autocracy?

1 point

Are you saying your own ideology is unattainable as an actual system in practice?

Presently it is.

But this sweeping fallacy where you try to subtly throw away the fourth dimension of space (i.e. time) in order to pretend that things never change is also a funny form of mental illness.

I actually have some insightful comments on the matter going forward, but I won't waste them on you.

0 points

No I don't. You are mistaking me for FM.

I'm not mistaking you for FM. You obviously are FM.

See what I mean, you make fun of people with mental illness.

No, I make fun of your mental illness. I think it is funny the way you take a personal insult and try to expand it into a generalisation. That's a funny form of mental illness.

Again(125) Clarified
0 points

Democracy give the people a voice, and liberty, while a revolution results in a dictatorship.

You'd think so, but in actual fact the reality doesn't quite work that way in practice. Democracy results in a dictatorship too. Through more complex mechanisms, sure, but it ends up at the same stop.

Again(125) Clarified
1 point

When you're manic, you harass Dana

You have 20-30 open debates with the word NOM in the title, you laughably stupid, mentally ill halfwit.

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