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RSS AlMualim

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I am such Muslim that I do Al Salat while reading Al Qur'an even when the house isa burning down, insha Allah.

0 points

Oh the moon has come

The day is done

The night has covered up the sun.

I have stood so often before you to pray

But I wonder Allah, tell me, what did I do today?

Did I remember the words of Al-Fatiha?

Did I take time to thank you for all that I have?Did I call on you to guide my way?

Tell me, what did I do today?

I has whispered to you

As I made ruku

Subhana Rabiy'yal adheem.

But was my faith

Bright or grey?

Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?

Did I smile at my brother?

Was I kind to my mother?

Did I teach another something that I know

Or did my love of this world lead me astray?

Tell me, what did I do today?

Sami Allah hu liman hamida

Rabanna lakal hamd.

Sami Allah hu liman hamida

Rabanna lakal hamd.

La illaha il Allah.

La illaha il Allah.

Though I've bowed to you

with my face in the dust,

subhana raby'yal a'la

Did I turn to you

And did I obey?

Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?

Did I use my mind?

Did I use my time?

If I search my heart what will I find?

The light of your guidance is a glimmering ray,

Tell me, what did I do toady?

Oh Allah, tell me, what did I do today?

2 points

Then make argeument for it not just baselessly assertions

1 point

No shit.

then you can't be a christian OR a muslim OR a jew because Allah just mean God.

You must be unfamiliar with asexuality.

what is are even talking about?

Nom is a Muslim. Neat. Don't rape anyone.

Islam does NOT rape condone the rapeing and who the fucking is "nom"

f God knows the future, he has been to the future.

God knows the future but doesn't go to the past because that would change the past and interfere with creation the way he wants it. He does not ever need to go back because he already did everything pergeft the first time

Actually in 1 John, it says Jesus created everything.

preiove iut

Maybe I'm a unicorn

yeah but youare not you stupid because you cannot type with hooves.

1 point

Half of its concepts are from the Bible

So God plageraized the word of himself from the word of himself? Saying quran plaigarezed from the bible is like saying the chamber of secrets is plagiarizxing the sorcerers stone.

You bow to a magic outer space rock. You're practicing idol worship.

That is offensing to me. I do not worship the stone and it is not "magic"

Do you ever pray infront of a cross? are you worshipping the cross? obviously NOT you FRACTALWIT

You have no idea what original Christians did or didn't know.

I'll tell what they knew....LA ILLAHA IL-ALLAH

0 points

There might be 2. There might be 12. There might be none

You are an unbeliever who does not faith in the existence of ALLah.

You can be your own father and own son by going back in time and raising your five year old self.

Raising yourself is not the same as creating theself you ignoramus kaffir.

That's what a father is.

No, a father is the one who shoots the sperms into the uterus.

In theory, God created time, so your conceptualization is meaningless.

So is yours idiot.

Maybe he does. If he doesn't, how did he tell the prophets the future...

The future is FORWARD not back...nice try idiot

Maybe he was. Maybe he wasn't.

It says right of the bible and qur'an that God CReATED hinm

Maybe he is

Maybe you are a pagan or atheist

1 point

Idiot it did nut plaigeraized anything, tthe we have the same god as the jews and the ORIGINAL christian who knew jesus was a PROPHET

0 points

Judaism USED to be just like Islam before the talmud was create by al shaitan. Christianity USED to be those who follow the prophet until the ROMANS altered the religion to say jesus is the son and not a prophet...

-1 points

f, in theory, it were polytheistic, that wouldn't make it wrong.

There is only one God, how can you not see this? Jesus did not create the heavens or the earth LA ILLAHA IL-ALLAH

You can be your own father and own son by going back in time and raising your five year old self.

First of all that would only make you a care taker. Second Jesus was born at a time after time was created, God could go back in time but he doesn't do that. The PROPHET Isa (pbuh) was created, he is not the creator.

1 point

Once you join al ummah you not become leaving the punshiment is to behead you

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