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Reward Points:1979
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1 point

I suggest considering an age limit on CD. Maybe someone could start a section for kids and keep this one for adults????

1 point

I support the freedoms of the United States. I don't know of anything in the Constitution that says ANYONE is restricted from having a baby.

AlofRI(1979) Clarified
2 points

I WILL upvote YOU, because I agree with you. I also agree that the same words fit Trump.

Regardless if Assange is an American citizen, he STILL took advantage of an American freedom .. you don't have to be a citizen to have freedom of speech in America, and he abused that freedom.

2 points

Actually, THIS view IS correct. It's NOT Fascist Socialism, it's NOT Communistic Socialism, it IS the Democratic Socialism we have been living under for YEARS! It's an economic system where tax money OF THE PEOPLE is used FOR the PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE to better the community AND the country while allowing ownership of businesses and property, as long as those businesses PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE! Social Services set up FOR the people, BY the people by a government OF the people (NOT OF THE FEW!)

For the last few years (since Reagan), TOO MUCH "ownership" has gone to THE FEW, with far less available for the "people"! Too many advantages have been "confiscated" by the FEW! To much expense has been levied on the PEOPLE to enrich the FEW! Resulting in a near oligarchy! Time to use the "confiscated riches" to benefit those who have been forced into a lower "Social Standing" by lobbyists pushing laws favoring THE FEW! Democratic Socialism, with a government OF the people (not the few), should MAGA!

1 point

WHATAYAMEAN, "NEXT" time?? HE didn't "misbehave" THIS time! He asked a legitimate question and wouldn't take DUH for an answer.

1 point

Let's see. There MUST be a Congressional recess coming up for most of the holiday season. Knowing that, they'd better hurry before Congress gets "blue in the face"! ;-)

1 point

The only thing better would be to turn the current "Orange Presidential Imposter" blue!

Hmmm..... on second thought, he'd likely be damaging U.S. no matter WHAT color he was! Nah, I wouldn't even WANT him as a Democrat … again! LOCK HIM UP!

2 points

He has the "technical" Constitutional right to do what he did. That said, he is a total scumbag and an ABUSER of the First Amendment …. as is ANYBODY who uses free speech to undermine the United States! The use of a freedom guaranteed by our Constitution to UNDERMINE that Constitution is one of the WORST tools of a TRAITOR!

1 point

I HAVE to dispute that! Trump is one of the greatest artists we've seen! He's taken BS to an art form rarely seen!

BS Artist, extraordinaire!

2 points

Obviously, we're not going do much with this "President", that's the first thing we have to change. A majority in Congress helps, but it's not enough. A stronger requirement on history in schools might help. It took years, from the "Contract with America" to now to twist minds with division and hatred, it's going to take years to change it back.

Citizens United is the second biggest problem. Money in politics is NEVER a good thing, and it will effectively stop any control over "runaway capitalism". Teddy R. stopped it once, we need another T.R.. Wish I knew one!

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About Me

"Retired Engineer, father of 4 (girls) non-believer, used to be an independent."

Biographical Information
Name: Al ofRI
Gender: Male
Age: 0
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 02816
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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