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Reward Points:1834
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AlofRI(1834) Clarified
-1 points

I guess you missed the last SEVERAL elections Democrats won. Yeah, THAT does mean something! I'm glad you're paying attention to your personal problem (and ROFL) while conservatives collapse. Maybe by the time you wake up, they'll be gone! That WOULD mean something.... for America and the world!

1 point


1 point

The good thing about Pence is that he would take time to pray (think) before launching a nuclear attack. Also, I don't think he has the ego Trump has OR the Putin leverage. Still he does seem to be close to treason ... don't think that would be pushed too hard. After him ....McConnell? We (America) could use a win here, I don't see one!

We HAVE to vote HEAVILY next time! The Bannonman is coming!

1 point

Well, what it ISN' better for America! A man with Moore in common with Putin than the Constitution!? A man who thinks America was greater when we had slavery!? A man who calls himself a Christian while believing the above!? A man that thinks Alabaman women are liars and take the chance to disgrace themselves (and they were all Republican's once, to my knowledge). A man who defies the SCOTUS and is KNOWN to stalk women (but just the young ones ... ). A man who believes we should do away with most Constitutional Amendments because they take HIS freedoms away, freedoms of OTHER people don't count ... Putin wouldn't like them either.... ! By the way, I have used the term "man" in this post VERY loosely!

AlofRI(1834) Clarified
1 point

No. What we believe in is being a TEAM with the government OF, BY, and FOR the people. We want to pay taxes, but we want our moneys worth. Military strong enough to defend U.S., clean air, clean water, clean food, a clean and safe neighborhood, health care (like the rest of the industrialized world), OUR SHARE of the nations money, not the occasional "drip down" from those that return the 80+% of the nations to banks overseas, not to the country that allowed them to make it! How can 300,000,000 Americans have much money in their pockets when we have to divide 12 - 18% of the nations money between U.S. while 1-2% invest a pittance in America, much more in foreign countries and foreign banks! Don't give me that CRAP about higher taxes than the rest of the world! The taxes paid in other countries LOOK lower, but the other "fees" imposed in other countries make U.S. a better (or equal) deal! We want a percentage of money in the government, enough to "make America great" (and a great place to live and work in) ... and we would have that IF that 1-2% paid their fare share, and corporations wouldn't spend more on financiers and lawyers to get OUT of paying those "terrible taxes" than they spend on the taxes!

What we DON'T need is Trump's "tax relief for the middle class" ... that ISN'T! Tax relief for the middle class that destroys what little health care we have left after he refused to "fix" the ACA, just because Obama FINALLY got what he COULD, and hoped conservatives would work FOR THE PEOPLE to improve it! Instead, that money GOES TO THE GOVERNMENT to build a stupid wall and defend U.S. from those in the world he is PISSING OFF .... and we will likely do it alone because our "allies" have been pissed of as well!

It's true, we "liberals" want things different, but certainly NOT ANYTHING resembling "communism"! A government of, for and BY the people is NOT communism! The Trump/Bannon visage is FAR closer to THAT!

2 points

Well, I'm not extreme left wing, but, since there is little RIGHT wing that is NOT extreme, anyone on the left LOOKS extreme to them. They are SOOO far to the right, the left looks extremely far away. No matter, 99 and 44/100ths of the left wing HATES communism, so NO, we CAN NOT be classified as communist. If you weren't SOOO far to the right you could SEE this.

We also are SOOO far to the LEFT (from YOU) that we can't see those "very good people" walking with the "white nationalists and skinheads" of the Steve Bannon camp, we'd need special, right wing glasses to see them, (Trump sells them ... made in China) ... or maybe it's just that we DON'T want to see them! Just stubborn, I guess ... or we don't like uglies.

0 points

Well, it's something kinda round, kinda pink, and kinda hairy, leans kinda toward a male look ... not sure what YOU'D call it, butt, I know exactly what I'd call it! Lookin' up, that is.

AlofRI(1834) Clarified
1 point

FW, I didn't attack you. I recommended you get some help. Fact is, YOU attacked ME with the "age" remarks, calling me a liar, a phony ... in CAPS! It was MY words that hit home, apparently, they pushed you off the deep end! You started to demonize the messenger ... conservatism 101.

Roe v Wade was "in the past", for REASONS that were in the past ... like alley bodies and fetuses! Liberals didn't LIKE EITHER, and they did something about it! YOUR "inhumanity" is trying to undo a bill that has saved more lives than it cost! There are consequences to following religious mantra TOO closely. THAT has caused FAR more deaths over the centuries than "liberals". How's THAT for "keeping conversations on the past. (I still recommend you get some help, I really feel sorry for you. :-(

AlofRI(1834) Clarified
1 point

If you don't know, you're listening to FAUX News. Patience, even THEY will have to cope with the truth. It'll be hard for them, especially for Hannity, but I won't feel sorry for that one.

2 points

In a previous post people were accusing you of lying, Bront. I wonder where they got that idea? (LMFAO!)

It's not hard to imagine some Breitbart colleagues buying up tickets and selling them FAR underpriced! I wish they'd bring some to RI, I'd buy several!

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About Me

"Retired Engineer, father of 4 (girls) non-believer, used to be an independent."

Biographical Information
Name: Al ofRI
Gender: Male
Age: 0
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 02816
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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