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AlofRI(1594) Clarified
0 points

"Hogwash", excon is NOT the "ONE" who never agrees, and WE will gladly stop "spewing [our] one line of lunacy" if YOU will stop spewing YOURS!

As you said, if the majority of taxpayers want to take down memorials that were put up when many in America still had to learn that "All men are created equal ... I'm sure you'll agree that "GOD" created black, brown, yellow, red, and why would HE "create" different colors? For SLAVES?? What kind of "god" is that?? C'mon, show YOUR colors ... show where the hatred comes from .. you can't put YOUR TWO lines of lunacy on "libs" if you own up to loving a racial "god"!

The "Federal Government" is being run by "CONS" at the moment, NOT "LIBS"! If the memorials are torn down (or moved) NOW, cons are responsible, the cities that are majority-run by "cons", the Conservative ("big, controlling")Federal Government is NOT under "lib" control! So ... who are the "stoopid, ebil ones??

1 point

Many likely are. However, the supporters are ALL on the right (where most of the "elites" are) Elites: "A group or class of people seen as having the greatest power and influence within a society because of their wealth or privilege."

Of course, the first name out of bronts mouth will be Soros, the lefts only prominent "elite". I can name 26 elites backing the right, but, Soros is against all of the things white "supremacism" stands for and it's "all his fault" in the minds of the bront followers. Trump has re-filled the "swamp" with elitists, and there's been little but trouble since.

Now we have Bannon "back with his weapons", and after some of Trumps elitists. I think the feces is about to hit the rotary air mover! (And I hope it brings Trump down ... so WE can take our (all men are created equal) country back FROM the elites!

1 point

It sure looks that way, doesn't it?? You could also substitute the word "racist" for the word Nazi and still have a viable statement. Time to take our "All men are created equal" belief and put it up in place of the "monuments to traitors" spaces.

1 point

The stock market and unemployment has been headed , on pretty much a straight line ... UP, since 2009. Nothings changed ... yet! Trump takes credit for it's continual rise, but, he's alienated other countries that traded with us, the Stock Market is highly overpriced, and he's not likely to pass much of a tax plan as he promised. My financial advisor put us into bonds, too much chance for Trump to collapse the market, and I don't have the years to make it back. Bush slammed me pretty hard, but I made most of it back under Obama .. Trump could spell p-o-v-e-r-t-y for U.S. ... good luck! Yes, We's in BIG Trumple!

AlofRI(1594) Clarified
2 points

I don't know about excon, but, I was born in the 1930's and as I remember, it didn't make any difference what KIND of Jew you were, only that you were a JEW! Actually, if you were not BLOND and had German features, you were at risk! Hitler was a madman with hate in his heart and a crazy notion of racial purity! Every day, lately, we see some of his legacy oozing out of our OWN crazies! It's a disease that keeps coming back, century after century! I'm sure George Washington had problems with diarrhea, now and then, and I know that's not a "disease" like "racial purity", but it stinks just as bad! Today, America is suffering from "racial diarrhea", and it's coming from somewhere on the right ...... around Washington, I think.

AlofRI(1594) Clarified
1 point

Okay, so why should he?? He was a FREE slave who saved enough money to free (purchase) his wife and make HER free. He "hired" his "slaves", which means he PAID them, he TRAINED them (gave them a trade), Seems they were "called slaves" because of the times, but, were actually employees. Later they were taken away from him because of the racist law that "slaves" had to be under the "supervision " of , um, "superior whites".

No, Mr. Ellison's statue should remain UP!

Your racist post failed like a Trump tweet.

1 point

That's a piece of history I am not familiar with, but, did he take up arms against the U.S.?? If he DID, yes, he should come down like the rest of the traitorous ones.

If he treated his "slaves" well, he may have just been giving them "employment", while making work easier for them with his Cotton Gins. In this way he would be protecting them from the nasty white slave owners. I dunno, maybe I'll look him up. Anyway, how he treated them is the measure he should be judged on, not the color of his skin.

1 point

Donald J (Joe Cavalry) Trump should take a lesson in hot topics.

1 point

WE can talk about this when we get there, wherever "there" is. I believe we will be going to the same place, and "there" the conversation will be "muted".

1 point

The entity (I won't call it a man), must have slithered into the U.S. through some tunnel, it would be hard to believe it was born here. Hard to believe the Evangelical right would support anyone that would support IT!

It is a statement against the "creation theory" by a "just god" that this entity exists and was a product of "love"!??

Herr Bannon is clever, by taking some heat off 45 by talking against his ilk. (Doubtless after it called them to say: Don't pay attention to what I say today, it's a smokescreen. We'll turn it around later.) I don't believe in Satan, but, it is certainly some form of devil!

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About Me

"Retired Engineer, father of 4 (girls) non-believer, used to be an independent."

Biographical Information
Name: Al ofRI
Gender: Male
Age: 0
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 02816
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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