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AlofRI(1734) Clarified
1 point

Because it would take a f*ing moron NOT to know who YOU were talking about. I don't qualify.

1 point

Why don't you write a book on that Bront?? Fiction, of course, based on far right wing and Putinesque internet propaganda. We had a conservative Congress AND Senate .... if there had been ANY actual fact to those made up assertions he would have been impeached, at the very least! He (they), weren't even CLOSE to that because He was "Presidential", careful, and honest.

What we have NOW is anything BUT! (And it is sooooooo awful!) CLOSE to being impeached for being a "F*ing MORON!" (Somebody else's words, not mine.)

1 point

In like manner, you should NOT wear the new Republican tee shirt to a conservative party ... the one that says "RNC" on the front and "I'm with stupid", on the back. Or things like "Reagan completely supported the Brady Bill on gun control." Or, "Why do you think Trumps popularity figures can't get out of the 30's"?? ;-)

1 point

He didn't turn the Presidency over to someone who is qualified, he insulted men who WERE! That hurts ALL Americans who believe in the American way.

3 points

"Trump does not know geography".

That's TOTALLY unfair! You should give him MORE credit! Like: He doesn't know American history, politics, science, civics, psychology, world history, ancient history, the Constitution, he didn't know health care was so complicated, didn't know tax reform was so complicated, etc. etc.! At least give him credit for ALL the things he doesn't know! ;-)

AlofRI(1734) Clarified
1 point

But...but.... you don't understand! It's a BIGLY OCEAN out there! It surrounds the whole island of Puerto Rico fer gosh sakes!!!!

1 point

They NEED to pay their fair share! Opposite to Trumps claim that the U.S. has the highest tax rate in the world, FACTS show that, all thing considered, we have one of the LOWEST, and even THAT is abused by the elites of capitalism (LIKE Trump!)!

1 point

The main benefit may be that it would negate Trumps horrendous "bring back coal" policy! Anyone that thinks coal does ANYTHING worthwhile for the mining states should read John Grisham's "Gray Mountain". Sure, it's fiction, but like his other novels it's based on legal and the actual facts that go on around us.

The ONLY thing beneficial about coal is what it does for the coal coalition's bottom line!

1 point

Only the "guns of war" that are intended ONLY for killing as many people as possible in the shortest time. Actual sporting guns should not be touched ... however, there should be regulations (that Republican swear word), on the mental health, criminal record and, of course, terrorist affiliations of the people allowed to own them. Even Reagan was in favor of reasonable regulation!

1 point

I would agree on that. Reading the Bible could add to the encouragement ... but then, there ARE millions of fans of Steven King. It's a shame people like Nowasaint push the horror parts so intently. I think he drives away more than (S/HE?) brings "to the flock".

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About Me

"Retired Engineer, father of 4 (girls) non-believer, used to be an independent."

Biographical Information
Name: Al ofRI
Gender: Male
Age: 0
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 02816
Religion: Atheist
Education: Some College

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