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RSS Ameri2ca

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1 point

As much as I hate Hitler for all the terrible things he did, I wouldn't kill him (as a baby) even if I could. I would probably talk to him about love and compassion and hints that could stop him from doing the same thing in the future

2 points

Each teacher has a phone in their room, so if there was any kind of problem, the teacher can call the police or whoever. And you can use the teachers phone to call your parents or just go to the office and use the phone there. Phones cause distraction not only to the owner , or the person on the phone, but the people around that person

-2 points
1 point

Lol, I deffinetly agree , that is so true... ........ America is fine just the way it is

1 point

Well the Trinity kinda proves that God is the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. God isn't even a person, he is a sprit, but he is also Jesus's dad

1 point

Illegal Mexicans do NOT have the right to protest in America... the whole reason we are building the wall ito keep them OUT, and if they start coming over to America and protest, it will just cause a big disruption.

1 point

Jesus is deffinetly real, and for those of you that think his is not will regret it because he is coming back soon to take his people and take believer to heaven.

1 point

You are the dumb one in this situation, and how are so many people allowed to just talk bull crap about our president.... Even though Hillary may have got the popular vote, that doesn't mean she would make a good president.... She is a liberal that only cares about herself.... Obama made this world a mess... at schools EVERYTHING is whole grain... chips, bread and even Rice Krispie treats.. and ameri2ca is just my password, and I used it as my name.. I didn't use it for a meaning

1 point

I have Both a dog and a cat, but I think I like my cat a little bit more than my dog

0 points

Hillary is a disgrace to the whole entire world, she is a liberal and no one likes her .. except you of course. And Trump is actually doing an awesome job as a president, he is doing way better than Obama was, and he is clearing up a lot of problems that we have today, like illegal immigrants and he is getting rid of Obama care..

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