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RSS Ameri2ca

Reward Points:112
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1 point

You are the one that said the " holes " that you drink out of are openings not holes, so those are your words, to mine......

1 point

Aww I'm so sorry, that must have been horrible....

The thing is, people that commit suicide think they are helping others by leaving this world, but really they hurt their friends and their family.

1 point

Where is the one hole? There aren't any holes, or else the straw would be useless

1 point

Water is wet, if you get in water, you get wet, so therefore, water is wet

1 point

In my opinion, Logan Paul is a better singer and he has a way cooler name

1 point

I disagree, if you are a true Christian, you wouldn't be arrogant and mean, because real christians are kind and nice to everyone. Christians aren't afraid of God...... because they know after they become a Christian, they know God will take care of him/her.

1 point

I will have a good day!!! But I still don't quite understand , do you yourself believe in God?

2 points

It's not that I don't like transgenders themselves, I just think they need to accept who they are, not change themselves completely!!

1 point

The funniest thing I have ever heard is the moon is made of cheese. People are actually dumb enough to believe that!! LOL

Ameri2ca(112) Clarified
1 point

Explain, I mean you say you know he exists, but what is your argument?

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Winning Position: Is Jake Paul or Logan Paul better?
Winning Position: It is wrong
Winning Position: Yes it is
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Do you think school should be five days a week?

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