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RSS AntEaterMan

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Raw veal liver. .

1 point

I take B12

Do you? Or do you take cyanide?

we live in a world where we can do that and be healthy! I am not deficient in anything.

Are you sure? I have never seen a healthy long term vegan.

Many meat eaters are deficient in various nutrients, this is absolutely not exclusive to vegans/vegetarians

Most people in general don't know anything about nutrition so they are bound to have some deficiencies. The meat eaters and vegans that do are healthier in general regardless, but long term veganism always run out of animal fat stored in their bodies and then they start to decline.

“You are weong” is not a valid argument.

I agree, weong isn't even a word.

All I am saying is that if we can be healthy vegans, we absolutely should to reduce the suffering of animals.

Veganism is inherently unhealthy but if we stop factory farming and cruelity that would be a lot better than it is now. We could reduce a lot of suffering if we just fed animals on their natural diets and didn't imprison them or torture them.

1 point

You are wrong Csea. Does that make more sense? If you don't eat animal products you will be deficient in a variety of nutrients including long chain fatty acids, B12, Vitamin A vitamin K-2, iron, selenium, iodine, and many more. The best sources for all these is raw organ meat and raw sea food. I bet you take artificial cyanide based B12 supplements AKA cyanocobalamin and think you can make up for your deficiencies.

1 point


Watch this if you think there is such thing as a herbivore.

You say we don't need animal products? So you are saying you don't need yourself? You are a walking animal product. Saying humans don't need animal flesh is like saying a wooden table can be made out of plastic.

I’ll die if I don’t eat plants.

That's what you have been brainwashed with all your life, how do you think humans survived in the ice age on 99% animal meat?

1 point

1: All animals eat other animals, even herbivores.

2: Plants are sentient.

1 point


I read your profile, you are a Jew I see. Did anyone in your family experience the holocaust?

AntEaterMan Clarified
1 point


Can you begin with your initial argument(s) so that I can further understand where you are coming from?

Argument 1: Humans are carnivores and have never eaten a plant based diet until modern times. It wasn't possible to consume a plant based diet because all the plants we eat are actually man made through selective breeding and the vast majority of wild plants are inedible. If you where to eat a carrot, tomato, cucumber or almost anything else in it's original state you would die. Things like tomatoes and peppers and potatoes come from nightshade and still have traces of phytotoxins and antinutrients. These phytotoxins and antinutrients exist because the last thing a plant wants is for you to eat it or it's babies. This is why wild seeds are almost always the most toxic part.

Argument 2: A plant based diet is promoted by the government and big business which is controlled by the illuminati.

Argument 3:The illuminati elites eat raw meat, which proves that they are lying when they promote man made plants which where originally bred to prevent starvation and not as a primary food source. They want the population to eat plant based diets so that they can ascend while the masses are used as food and as producers for the elite. Examples of common raw meat dishes among the wealthy classes include sashimi, steak tartare, fish row, Beef carpaccio, and Basashi.

Argument 4: We are living in a virtual simulation and our purpose is to ascend to higher realms, the way to ascend is to raise your vibrational frequency, the way to raise your frequency is to consume the highest vibrational energy. You can consume it as the form of food, oxygen, sunlight, and by interacting with other lifeforms and producing bioelectric feedback loops. The highest vibrational foods are animal foods, they have the highest energy density and output.

Argument 5: There are over 50 nutrients you cannot get on a vegan diet.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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