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RSS Antrim

Reward Points:567
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2 points

Yes, that is the post-truth, the alternative truth and nothing like the truth, so help me Allah, ha.

3 points

Politicians will not desist from their madness of importing terrorists and criminals until the true extent of their liberalism and misplaced pity becomes apparent.

The crime rate and terrorist atrocities will increase to a point where the indigenous populations will rise up in bloody and deadly rebellion against the mindless actions of their respective governments.

When this occurs the political culprits will be nowhere to be seen, unless you're sailing your yacht down the Mediterranean and/or sipping Bellini cocktails in San Tropez.

One of the terrorists involved in the slaughter of 130 young clubbers in Paris entered France at the age of 5 years old.

The politicians and the bleeding hearts who bring death and destruction to their nation will never cease their treahery voluntarily.

The only sane way to stop the madness is to vote them out of office.

Unfortunately, as far as Europe is concerned it is too late, much too late, the Muslim crisis is now totally out of control and well past the point of no return.

Antrim(567) Clarified
1 point

Okay, point well made and I guess 'banning'' is a better option than firing off both barrels with a barrage of obscenities at your tormentor.

I don't know why, but my debates/arguments are either not answered at all or by only one or two.

2 points

Maybe he's a multi personality schizophrenic who hallucinates that his alter ego is plotting to take over his role of supremeo of the human race.

Gods have their weaknesses too you know.

4 points

Well now, aren't you the grown up little censor/budding autocrat.

A good leader-manager will always listen to the opinions of others even though they may sound cock-eyed, because buried somewhere in the apparent nonsense there may be a vestige of wisdom/truth.

By banning those who agree with the respondents who oppose you restricts the range of slants on a given theme.

I am of the opinion that those who exercise their right of denying their adversaries a platform to express a counter argument are cowards who don't want to consider, never mind face up to a rational and well presented opposing angle.

You do create some interesting debates, a damned sight more than I do, but for goodness sake let everyone have their 2 cents worth.

1 point

All businesses have a host of overheads to meet before they make any profit whatsoever.

These include fixed overheads such as, rent, rates, light, heat, power, insurance, telephone/broadband, post packaging & stationery and variable overheads like, repair and maintenance to plant, machinery, transport and so forth.

In a global economy we're not just competing with our domestic rivals, but with worldwide companies whose governments permit the use of child labour and virtual adult slave labour.

Most Asian manufacturing concerns are not burdened with such expenses as,health & safety regulations, equal opportunity legislation, anti- racist and religious discrimination laws.

Once they're forced to pay wages above the market rate,.( the market rate being the average universal rate of wages for a given industry) of the industry in which they're competing they are immediately placed at an unfair advantage.

As the bleeding heart bullshitters spew out their naive, sanctimonious drivel about raising the minimum they fail to notice that the country is being flooded with cheap foreign goods and produce forcing many, too many, indigenous industries into bankruptcy with the ensuing loss of 10s of 1000s of jobs.

All over the country workers are being made redundant as their employers cannot compete with cheap imports.

The imposition of a minimum wage is no more than a piece politically motivated vote catching dupery which does more harm than good. It's a form of communism as it assumes that everyone is of equal worth.

As an employer of over 130 full time members of staff for 26 years I can, without any fear of contradiction, assert that this juvenile assumption is dangerously incorrect.

Remove the incentive for rewarding merit by paying a uniform wage, minimum or otherwise, and productivity will pan out at the lowest common denominator.

The minimum wage is one of the major factors contributing to unemployment in this country introduced by politicians who are divorced from reality and those who haven't the remotest idea about the harsh actualities of trying to run a business shouting their support for this draconian law.

Employers are not stupid and will wish to have a motivated and happy workforce and any improper treatment including paying below the 'market rate' will have the opposite effect.

2 points

I feel these statistics represent less of a moral issue but more of an illustration of black people's inability to make provision for their deeds, i.e., using family planning techniques, but instead go for the good old irresponsible black man's approach to sex as with every other aspect of their lives regardless of the consequences, with wham stam, thank you ma'am.

However, better the abortions than having even more unwanted pickaninnies swamping the social services/benefits system.

2 points

The loonie left like to be seen and heard occupying the moral high ground by objecting to the use of fossil/carbon based fuels as a source of energy.

The one small element they fail to mention is how to keep the lights on and the wheels of industry turning.

I keep saying it,but it is worth repeating, Donald Trump has come to power just in the nick of time.

Let's hope the Obama wrecking machine hasn't caused too much irrevocable damage.

Only jesus Christ SuperStar, and eventually time knows what skeletons Obama has stuffed into the cupboards.

1 point

Equality enters the equation here.

To refuse a service to anyone on the grounds of their sexual orientation, their religious persuasion or denying them expression of their political viewpoint is blatantly discriminatory and considered a crime in most western nations.

Frustrating contradictions occur when, as you have mentioned, an establishment refuses to decorate a cake celebrating a gay marriage on the grounds that such an embellishment is contrary to the teachings of their particular religion.

For instance, if a Christian wishes to follow the scriptures of their religion and refuses to contribute towards the glorification of a same sex union on grounds that such an act would be contrary to their religion, and then be prosecuted for following his/her faith could only be construed as institutionalised religious persecution.

What would happen if a Muslim bakery refused to provide a cake showing a pro Jewish slogan, or vice versa?

Have any of these scenarios ever occurred and challenged in a court of law?

I don't know, do you?

1 point

The necessity for excellence in both numeracy and literacy skills is recognised by all those who compile the curriculums for the education of their students in every advanced nation in the world.

To downgrade either one in favour of the other would be wrong.

Being masterly in pure or applied mathematics is pointless if you have difficulty reading the road signs to your University or not being able to spell the name of the street in which you live.

You could be signing legal documents the implications of which you could not comprehend.

Equally, the worth of having a PhD in English is greatly lessened if you are incapable of checking the simple charges of a shopping bill never mind being able to calculate the time taken for the activity of a radioactive isotope to decay to half of its original value.

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