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RSS Antrim

Reward Points:977
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0 points

Now, now, don't be like that.

The lower orders have to be exploited otherwise, as a direct consequence of them lacking sufficient enterprise and entrepreneurial skills they would perish, probably from starvation.

There are sheep and there are wolves.

As there are more sheep than wolves the 'sheeple' need a shepherd to protect, guide and corral them until it's time for 'rack of lamb' with freshly made mint sauce, yum yum.

Such is the way of the world.

It's been like this since the dawn of time and shall remain so for eternity.

The loonie left have tried to change the laws of nature with such events as the Russian Revolution and endless 'workers coups', but mother nature always has, and always will prevail.

1 point

If immoral, loose woman want to sleep around without using any of the numerous birth control measures available, get pregnant, have their fatherless brats and then whinge about the world being ill divided then their rants should be ignored and those, prudent, hard working knights of industry and commerce should be left to enjoy the trappings of their well earned life styles.

'' The poor ye shall have with thee always but you will not always have me''.

Okay, Jesus was correct, he's not here but the the legions of poor, hapless dumb ass, work shy losers are here in all their shameless glory.

Let the filth wallow in the quagmire they made for themselves.

If sanctimonious shit heads like you feel these low lives deserve to be supported then you should all form a 'bleeding hearts club' and donate whatever % of your income you can afford, whilst leaving the rest of us alone.

We don't object about the poor infesting the streets of our towns and cities so why do you complain about people being rich?

BTY;- C.S.Lewis, the distinguished author of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to which you ignorantly referred, was born in my home city, Belfast , and could have easily afforded a fleet of private jets.

The poor usually stink, get drunk and make life intolerable for decent hard working folk.

Wise up, grow up and shut to fuck up.

0 points

This piece of legislation is designed to incentivize the nation's work shy hangers-on to smarten themselves up, work cleverly and buy private jets.

This way almost everyone who wants a private jet will enjoy this tax break instead of the ''wank/jerk off breaks'' they currently take at all too regular frequencies.

1 point

No, Uncle Sam knows best'


2 points

If all the prosperous men, (not just one, but all the world's well-heeled) awoke to find that the world's wealth had been shared equally among everyone it would not be long before most of the original affluent would have their dosh back and life's losers would be queueing for their benefit cheques and other handouts.

It is wholly wrong, and indeed dangerous to go against nature's law of natural selection/survival of the fittest and artificially keep the sub-classes alive.

The lower orders were meant to perish so that those of higher intelligence who have adapted more successfully to the environment in which they live can become dominant and enhance the survival prospects of our species.

Antrim(977) Clarified
1 point

You're absolutely 100% correct, I've never even seen a hallucinatory drug of any type, nor do I want to.

Antrim(977) Clarified
0 points

Hi Dermot, yes, I can see the sense of that argument but even so, I feel the cons totally eclipse the pros as I know for a fact that drugs have ruined many lives, precipitated innumerable deaths and generally caused misery and hardship to countless others.

The legalizing of any drug gives the whole concept of drug taking an inappropriate credibility, and that apparent official sanctioning could, and almost certainly would lead to an avalanche of drug abusers especially among our young people.

The clear and strong message must be that drugs, all drugs, are dangerous and will, to a greater or lesser extent have a negative impact on your life both short and long term.

The fight against drugs including marijuana, which CAN lead onto stronger narcotics, must be fought with the utmost vigour.

Antrim(977) Clarified
-1 points

Hi Dermot, I guess you made that statement with tongue in cheek.


0 points

Most irresponsible ass holes like you who booze up and smoke shit regularly drive whilst D.U.I.

That's one of the main functions of the Highway Patrol officers, to keep drunken criminal filth like you off the roads so decent motorists and pedestrians will be relatively safer.

Maybe, like so many others you think you'll never get caught but, as a low life convicted criminal you should know better than most that the law will catch up with you sooner or later.

-1 points

Oh yeah, so someone with a belly full of strong intoxicating liquor and ''away with the fairies' on marijuana doesn't represent a greater danger driving a motor vehicle on the road than when they are sober?

We heard last week about 9 Royal Navy crew members of the nuclear submarine H.M.S. Vigilant being dismissed as they failed a drug test.

Thank god you don't write the rules for those in charge of weapons of mass destruction.

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