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RSS Antrim

Reward Points:671
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2 points

You're being most unkind to the Devil.


2 points

No, too open to ridicule by the sanctimonious bleeding heart brigade.

The better way is to further develop and enhance the existing profiling of the filth by the various security agencies and permit them to employ whatever pre-emptive measures they consider necessary to thwart any planned Muslim atrocities.

How the progressive 'do-gooders' would delight in occupying the moral high ground whilst bellowing from the roof tops about how such a repressive measure is racist and contravenes the constitution.

Of course the smug liberals forget that the protection of The citizens of the United States is an important component of the constitution.

3 points

Three greed driven low lives bite the dust and the homeowner's kid has learned how to exterminate vermin.

An altogether most satisfactory outcome for all decent people.

Antrim(671) Clarified
1 point

Eureka, You felt obliged to say 'thank you' to me.

During my time on this forum I've never seen a ''thank you'' from you before.

Now that's both flattering and an achievement, thank you.

1 point

Well, as you respond so frequently to other people's threads you deserve an answer.

But, the problem is I cannot think of anything which I have achieved.

Surely there must be something I say to myself, but nothing is coming to mind.

If I have a ''light bulb'' moment I'll get back to you.

2 points

Are you still here!


Only a wee joke.

I'll look forward to viewing your contributions.

3 points

Too late was the cry.

Your words of wisdom were being bellowed more than 60 years ago, (check out Enoch Powell's, river of 'blood speech', which didn't include those exact words,) by everyone, but our politicians knew better.

Almost everyone, including the dogs in the street knew what was going to happen but still the politicians whom we, the dumb electorate voted into power swamped the countries of the west with the filth who are, and with increasing ferocity, will continue to commit acts of deadly terrorism on the populations of the countries which welcomed and gave them sanctuary in their hour of need.

In the final analysis it was the people who failed to remove the liberal shits from office at the ballot boxes, so I say, ''SLAP IT UP YE''.

Mr. Muslim terrorist has a lot of 'nice little surprises' for the men women and children of the west, only they'll not be so nice nor so little and they'll certainly not be a surprise..

2 points

You're not welcome here.

We don't hold with strangers in these here parts.

Hang around any longer and someone will 'eave h'arf a brick at thee.

Antrim(671) Clarified
2 points

Thinking of your stomach again, you're thinking of torte, as in Sacha Torte, that dreamy creamy chocolate cake from Wein/Vienna.

Antrim(671) Clarified
1 point

Insofar that I wasn't present during any of his dastardly raping sessions your guess was as good as mine.

I think this thread has run it's natural course.

Dirty dick the serial rapist was caught and exposed for what he is, so let it be.

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Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Republican
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Protestant
Education: Some College

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