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RSS Antrim

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1 point

The point here is that if the western nations imposed the same immigration and residency restrictions on Muslims as the Arab countries force on Christian westerners we could be certain that the Muslim terrorist filth whom you're supporting would be out murdering innocent civilians on the streets, rioting and bellowing 'RACISTS'' from the rooftops.

Your ''oh poor us'' psyche' is a true representation of the pitiful mindset of life's losers who find solace by smugly blaming the west on their self imposed 2nd class global citizenship.

Who's manipulating Saudi Arabia?

Does your conspiracy theories extend to the starving masses of such oil rich nations like Nigeria?

Your anti-western propaganda is woefully outdated and utterly wrong.

What I'm saying here, it's time for Muslims to return peacefully to the lands of their origin with whatever wealth they've amassed in the western nations they adopted as home.

These aliens were welcomed by a range of western countries and were repaid by having their civilians blown to pieces.

Unlike their Islamic terrorist enemies who purposefully target innocent civilians the western powers who are waging a dirty war against a barbaric and merciless foe, i.e, I.S.I.S, ensure their military forces employ every measure possible to avoid civilian causalities.

It's filth such as you, who through their attempts at rationalizing the Muslim atrocities give succour to terrorists.

Here are just two examples;-- one of the Muslim terrorists responsible for the Paris slaughter of 183 young people entered France as a 5 year old refugee.

The parents of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people at Manchester and injured 60 others, one of whom was a young girl who lost both legs, were Libyan refugees who were given sanctuary by the U.K.

Rudyard Kipling got it right when he said, 'East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.

1 point

I concur with your deep feelings of indignation and resentment at the arrogance of the unwanted and unwashed Muslim masses slinking around the slums and alleyways of their self made rat infested ghettos.

I do think however, it may help to alleviate our feelings of frustration and suppressed aggression if we look at this ongoing outrage from another angle.

In many ways it is poetic justice.

By that I mean as the 'Little Caesars' fast food company was trying to pander to, and profit from, potential Muslim terrorists it is good that their un-American marketing techniques have backfired. ''Slap it up them''.

The other positive aspect of this infuriating incident is that it may, or rather should deter food and other providers from bowing to the bizarre diet of an alien religion.

Once more I must attest that as a consequence of our 'POLITICIANS' permitting this mindset to fester in the diseased minds of the Muslim 5th columnists in our midst they now believe that we should yield to their every whim and overlook the fact that they are blowing the shit out of the citizens of all the western nations which they infest.

Twenty two young people lie dead with another 60 having suffered life changing injuries in Manchester England, and the filth here are moaning about pork in their pizzas.

You couldn't make it up.


4 points

All rights have to be earned, even respect.

Health care is not a right but should be available in a society in which everyone is made fully aware of it's cost and contributes proportionately to its financing through a 'national insurance' form of tax completely separate from all existing forms of taxation.

Such a facility should have a strictly enforced 'sliding scale' of availability for those requiring to utilize its services.

By that I mean a child who is ill through no fault of its own should be extended priority over some whiskey swilling, fast food gobbling, 100 fags a day moron whose sickness is a result of his/her chosen lifestyle.

Those whose income disables them from making payments towards the scheme's national insurance contributions should be required to commit themselves to a legally binding 'payment plan' which would see them making a mutually agreed partial payment towards the cost of their medical treatment.

4 points

Anyone seriously contemplating suicide will be in a dark narrow tunnel where only total despair is present and all logical reason is absent.

The question of whether such an action is morally correct and what the consequences may be for everyone around them doesn't enter their head.

It is therefore most difficult, if not impossible for others to judge those who are feeling suicidal as they will never be able to understand the unbearable mental and/or physical pain the victim is suffering.

Anyone intending to commit suicide should be made see that there is a way out of their seemingly insurmountable dilemma and that the ''sun will also rise'' on the other side of their moment of darkness.

2 points

All's fair in love and war so it is a good strategy to accept support from whatever quarter it may come.

We fought alongside the Ruskies in WW2 to defeat Nazi Germany but confronted their brutal form of communism and repression of the Russian people as well as the enslavement of their satellite countries immediately afterwards.

2 points

While the sanctimonious pseudo academics play around with words please note that as and at this morning, 26/05/2017 Britain's MI6 chief has stated that there are some 26,000 Islamic (Muslim) jihadists within the U.K., and all of whom represent a serious threat.

The only thing here to be aware of is that all these Muslim jihadists are in the midst of all western nations as a result of the cockeyed immigration policies of our ''BUCK STUPID POLITICIANS'' past and present.

Also, while we bandy words on this forum the most recent ''MUSLIM TERRORIST'' atrocity in Manchester, England has resulted in 22 dead and over 50 terribly injured and maimed. One young girl has lost both legs.

These deaths and shocking injuries were carried out by MUSLIM terrorists in accordance with the scriptures in their Koran and in the name of their prophet Mohammed as well as their God Allah.

All this courtesy of our ''POLITICIANS''who swamped the nations of the west with Muslims a % of whom will be committed terrorists with a further % who will be radicalized and become terrorists.

The Muslim terrorists carry out their acts of outrageous barbarity in the name of Allah and have interpreted passages in their Koran as calling for death to the infidels, non Muslims.

Yesterday 26 Egyptian Coptic Christians going to their place of worship were slaughtered by Muslim terrorists.

Due to the presence of Muslims living in Britain all public events will be patrolled by armed police ( undoubtedly some S.A.S. troops in police uniforms will be among their ranks) at a cost of £100s of millions and reducing the enjoyment factor of all those attending these recreational occasions.

Praise be to our ''POLITICIANS'', Mohammed and Allah.

2 points

The parasitic Europeans have been leeching of the U.S, for so long they consider it their God given right.

The term '' it's like money from America'' wasn't coined for no good reason.

1 point

Let's be clear on this. N.A.T.O, was formed to protect Europe.

Thanks to America's 'Marshall Plan' of financial aid to a weakened post WW2 Europe they've long since recovered and are well capable to contributing significantly more to the cost of their own protection from the relentless march of communism which saw the U.S.S.R, ''appropriate'' such sovereign nations as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,Czechoslovakia, East Germany and Austria- 1945 to 1955.

Britain and the other nations of mainland Europe spurned Enoch Powell's wise words of warning regarding the security dangers of encouraging unregulated immigration from various parts of the world including the near and middle east and an 'OPEN HOUSE' policy or a 'COME ALL YE'', as they call it in Ireland, since 1968 and before.

Now that the Muslim ''fifth columnists'' are well and truly established in all N.A.T.O. countries the European politicians are JUST BEGINNING to realize how the presence of the ''enemy within' is going to have a significant influence on their foreign policies and their ability to combat the forces of I.S.I.S.

Everyone, including the dogs in the street knew what was going to happen way back then, but ''THE POLITICIANS'' knew better.

Now some, only some, ''POLITICIANS'' are seeing the folly of their predecessors and the price innocent civilians are now having to pay for the utterly eye watering stupidity of their weak liberal ''POLITICIANS'' past and present.

Among the horrors of manchester was one young girl who had both legs blown off.

All this and much much more, courtesy of our ''POLITICIANS''.

3 points

For too long the nations of Europe, especially wealthy Germany, have directed their fiscal policies towards an economic climate which favours the growth of the private industrial sector ( Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, B.M.W, etc,) to the cost and detriment of their respective defense budgets.

This was made possible as the other member nations of N.A.T.O, knew they could rely on the good old U.S.A., to protect them from the military threat of the former U.S.S.R, throughout the cold war period and the current threat of a belligerent and expansionist Russia.

Only the U.K. commits over 2% of it's G.D.P, to defence as opposed the the United State's figure of close to 3.5 and an European average of approximately 1.4 to 1.6%.

China's defense spending has increased by 170% since 2002 and Russia is currently engaged in a major build up of its already formidable armed forces.

President Trump has told the other N.A.T.O, countries to recognise that this western military alliance was formed to protect Europe, not the U.S.and for all the member countries to make a financial commitment more commensurate with their national wealth.

Antrim(808) Clarified
1 point

''Per se', from the Latin, do try to keep up old bean.

If you're trying to impress by using smart ass phrases at least get them right.

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