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RSS Antrim

Reward Points:1072
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1 point

'' Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely''.

This quote by the British politician Lord Acton is true from Russia to Australia and from little old Northern Ireland to the mighty U.S.A.

Neither impartiality nor integrity exist in the murky world of double dealing politicians or the underground domain of the shady security agencies.

They all have their predetermined biased agendas, (usually left wing), and professional principles have no place.

Antrim(1072) Clarified
1 point

Nature designed the male and female human anatomy for the sexual interaction of the two genders.

The purpose of this function has been made pleasurable so we all engage in the experience of love making thus ensuring the continuation of the human race.

If those who were unfortunate enough to suffer from one of nature's malfunctions find happiness and reassurance in a same sex marriage then I feel they should be entitled to do so unimpeded by prejudices.

2 points

I think immigrant aspirants should be considered on the level of requirement for their skills or professions.

After this process has been satisfactorily completed positive vetting of their character should be established so the host nation receives only those whose skills and ability are compatible with the nation's requirements and are of sound character.

Antrim(1072) Clarified
1 point

Yes, and that common ancestor predates the emergence of homo erectus.

No one is claiming that the 'common ancestor was a monkey, just that monkeys, apes and humans all have a common ancestor.

So, if we follow that argument to its natural conclusion then monkeys, apes and humans are all equal and should therefore be treated and considered as equals.

The only thing is I don't think I'd want to live in the same neighbourhood as these primates, equals or not, and I certainly wouldn't want to work for them.

3 points

God condemns the sin of sodomy, but loves the sinner.


5 points

To what study are you referring?

If this dubious quotation was true then what it's really saying is that immigrants do commit crimes so we don't want them here to add to the already high rate of crime perpetrated by the indigenous population.

3 points

No we haven't.

Take a look around at the intolerance and violence in the world and you'll recognize the truth contained in the quote from the French philosopher Alfonse Karr;- 'the more things change, the more they stay the same'.

We like to think that we have become more sophisticated and tolerant as a species, but we haven't.

Antrim(1072) Clarified
1 point

All the silly gobbledygook,( unread by the way) in the world won't change the fact that homosexuality is an altogether abnormal state, which due to the irreversible nature of the condition must be tolerated by the rest of society

It is important that the rest of society endures the presence of homosexuals in their midst along with the threat they pose to the general public.

But it is of equal importance is that the homosexual misfits accept that they have an illness.

That way everyone will be happy.

Antrim(1072) Clarified
1 point

Thanks for pointing that out, saved me the trouble.


3 points

So people born with physical and/or metal deficiencies do not fit into the category of, nature's mistakes.

Even a quick scan of the male and female anatomy by a shortsighted dimwit on a galloping horse could clearly see from a mile off that the two sexes were designed by nature to sexually interact with the purpose of reproduction and therefore survival of the species.

Any psychological condition which detracts from this vital function is due a malfunction by nature.

Gays are the of unfortunate victims of one of nature's manifold flaws.

Name calling won't change the abnormal state of homosexuality.

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