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RSS ApathyisRIP

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10 most recent arguments.
ApathyisRIP(19) Clarified
1 point

How about men ;) lol I assume you are consistent. Can you actually justify morally why a woman or many of a sound mind should not be a prostitute assuming if prostitution is regulated?

ApathyisRIP(19) Clarified
1 point

Hunting deer, depends on what you mean wild, is actually a vital form of conservationism. All the fees that go into hunting help preserve wildlife. Something I didn't know or think about until taking a class in college about conservation. Did you know in certain areas fires are actually necessary in destroying undergrowth so that the soil is fertile and ready for new plants/trees?

Regarding the treatment of animals the main thing I think of is just the senselessly brutal treatment of animals that tends to happen in the fast food industry today. I don't necessary have qualms with the killing of animals in of it self, but I feel like there is a difference between animals of a certain level of sentience (what ever you want to call it). As such eating cows is fine, but eating primates would not etc. If an animal or creature has such a limited form of consciousness that it can not really experience well being, is not self aware, and is a slave to biological programming it's difficult to value such a life to the same degree as a human. It's also hard for me to project human morals on to animals since the natural way of things in the wild is kill or be killed. So long as we are properly treating animals and not eating those on par or comparable to us I think it is fine.

2 points

I very much doubt this is in any shape or form representative of a sizable amount of people who consider themselves to be "The American Left".

1 point

It wouldn't accomplish anything significant because no wall would be built with sufficient structure, length and manpower to prevent crossing of all areas by land. Furthermore people can go around, above, by sea, or by underground. There are plenty of other ways to prevent drug trafficking, which should be the primary concern not illegal/undocumented immigration. Sure they have no right to enter USA, but its not like they cause damage proportional to the need to prevent them in any significant measure. There is also evidence for positive aspects of illegal/undocumented immigrants being in USA in terms of the economy.

2 points

Yea the majority ethnicity in the USA is a third class citizen lmao.

ApathyisRIP(19) Clarified
1 point

Your not actually attributing all of the current economic performance of the USA to Trump are you lol? Sure if you want to give him credit for a certain portion because the market's expectation of tax cuts, pro business, etc., but majority of this is associated with the previous president like how it always works.

2 points

What religion is a religion of peace? Certainly not any of the three main religions (Christianity, Islam, or Judaism). Granted it depends on what your definition of peace is such as does peace mean non-violence or merely fighting to preserve "peace". How can any religion be considered peaceful when it has some form of eternal damnation or at the very least torture for a certain time frame.

1 point

Wow I never thought of that or at least in those terms. Not sure why that point can't be won in court.

1 point

I suppose you would throw Mormons and Scientologists in that category? Based on what I have seen of your arguments this would be what little we agree on for this subject.

ApathyisRIP(19) Clarified
1 point

According to the bible didn't God kill all the Canaanites including the babies?

Winning Position: Is mankind justified in its treatment of other creatures?

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: Masters

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