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RSS ArnoDorian

Reward Points:46
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1 point

You suck, you can't devise insults of my caliber you cantankerous jizzwheel

1 point

Conswervatives make shite insults. Is goat fucker all you could come up with you diuretically urine saturated opium sedated melon head turkey fucker waterlogged with frog nosed colon clogging aquatic amphibian extraterrestrial butt pirate's sploog ladeling fruitbags of faggotry on your moms hairy sasquatch tits?

2 points

Shut your mouth you lily livered blundering bollockstain of a nazi-loving neofascist nincompoop nitwit ninny.

1 point

STFU you snaggle toothed drunkard meth-addled piss pot milk sop.

ArnoDorian(46) Clarified
0 points

When I say an artificial womb would work best I mean that in a general sense, not in reference to our current capabilities. At the present time using a surrogate would work better, but in general an artificial womb is better because once we become proficient in making them they will surpass organic wombs. Our current limitations will have to be overcome (both technological and social) before we can effectively and ethically attempt any of this. Although a proud Aryan like yourself is probably not too concerned with the ethics bit. When I say ethically, I mean safely, which basically means knowing what we are doing enough to not kill the clones, produce flawed clones or subject them to a condition which leads to maldevelopment.

1 point

Why are you such an idiot? Just because you where born with such a crippling disease of retardation doesn't mean you have the right to go around trying to infect as many people as possible just so you can feel better about yourself.

1 point

Remember climate gate? Documented proof that a conspiracy

I don't spend much time in right wing anti science echo chambers that push politically motivated conspiracy theories so no I've never heard of "climate gate"

Putting aside the fact that a warmer earth is more conducive for life to flourish

First of all it depends how warm your talking and second it depends which parts of the planet, some could stand to be warmer, some maybe a little cooler, others are fine right where they are. Climate change isn't going to just conveniently warm up the places that are too cold, cool down the places that are too hot and leave everything else as is. It's going to fuck up the whole ecosystem if we let it get out of hand.

global carbon tax the real goal,

No one is pushing for a carbon tax, that's just theoretical.

How about every time a corporation has a spill or leak or accident they be made to plug up a volcano.

That's actually a good idea.

0 points

You had sex with a chimpanzee.

Enlightenment does not consist of raping babies and eating their pituitary gland you goblin like luciferian toilet bowl creature.

You're not interested in neurotransmitters crossing your synapses.

1 point

Illuminati confirmed.

You deny man made climate change.

I recommend that you watch some videos and read some books.

ArnoDorian(46) Clarified
1 point

A pig might work better if it was a genetically modified pig as you say. Although there is a possibility the pigs immune system might reject the human baby, so it may have to be modified to rectify that as well. I still say an artificial womb would work best, as you can regulate it and optimize it and monitor the baby to make sure it develops as healthy as possible. It could actually function better than even a human surrogate.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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