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RSS ArnoDorian

Reward Points:49
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2 points

I'm so socialist that I made a social list of everyone who I have engaged in social interaction with.

1 point

Zeitgeist is super awesome and good. I love zeitgeist and TVP as well.

1 point

The Noah story is used as an allegory for the end of the world.

So he proves that it was based on older religions and myths and your answer is dfjhdbbdfgbdfghkbdrgbisgbisbfv

1 point

It's why you support the Democratic Party, the party of slavery.

We're not the ones getting praised by the KKK like Trump.

1 point

Capitalism wasn’t set up

Yes it was, it was set up by rich people to make it easier for rich people to get more rich.

doesn’t require a cycle of debt.

Then why does the federal reserve create money on top of money that is owed to them?

it’s because of forces meddling from outside the market (government usually).

But don't you cuntservatives think big government is good even though you say us liberals want big government when we want accountable government but you also say we want a stateless utopia?

When it gets so high it implodes, that’s called market adjustment.

It's called inflation and devaluation resulting in the need for the petrodollar scheme which is why we invade the middle east for oil thanks to reich wing government.

1 point

The real question is would you be a warrior, a mage, or a zionist shill white supremacist cunt face dick head

1 point


The cycle of debt won't last forever, capitalism was set up to implode.

0 points

The Infinite God of The universe would never exist because you're a retard.

1 point

I'm pretty sure a box of severed hippo wanks is smarter than conservatives Nom.

1 point

The Saudis will collapse first which will lead to a chain reaction which collapses the petrodollar which will then collapse the US economy.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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