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RSS ArnoDorian

Reward Points:58
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1 point

The Saudis will collapse first which will lead to a chain reaction which collapses the petrodollar which will then collapse the US economy.

1 point


America will become a socialist country. Everyone will live in giant smart cities where there whole life is monitored and regulated.

What does feeding the poor and providing equal rights and opportunities for everyone have to do with your dystopian sci-fi scenarios?

1 point

I hate people who make debates for the sole purpose of bitching about everyone else instead of contributing intellectually to the platform.

2 points

Wow, this debate is extremely uncannily idiotic. I am disappointed.

2 points

WTF is this? Has the site really declined this much in the short time I was away?

1 point

What is more important? Sitting on your fat, lazy american drunk ass and watching football or listening to oppressed voices? Antrim you are a dirty jizz sodden cunt. BLM is forced to resort to peacefully obstructing because white supremacists like you don't want to listen to the truth. Black lives are at stake, fuck you.

"Oh I'm so oppressed, the damn niggers won't let me watch football after a hard day of white privilege"

2 points

I'm not white, nor do I want to be.

Then why do you get defensive when minorities and immegrants simply try to attain the same opportunities and rights that whites experience in first world countries? You get pissed off at brown people for wanting to escape the third world that was predominantly created by rich white nations and corporations exploiting their labour and resources.

'Whites like to screw up the world.

At this point you are either overcompensating for your whiteness or you are racist against whites. If you are really going to say something like that about all white people that is naive and bigoted. Also you spend all day defending WHITE politics and WHITE supremacists.

0 points

You are a retard...................................................................................

1 point

Rape me with a spoon and call me an uncle fucker, this is a stupid fucking question.

1 point

I think there doesn't need to be any more people in alaska, it's one of the few places that hasn't been entirely destroyed by us filthy humans.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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