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RSS Arrgh

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1 point

While I don't agree with the breaking of our laws when people enter this country illegally, I'm very uncomfortable with a government agency being able to ask you for papers just because you don't look right. It's bad stuff.

3 points

I don't think you realize how large the numbers are. Billions of, not planets, but galaxies with billions of stars, and many with planets. Practically zero is not zero, even 0000.1 is enough for there to be hundreds of thousands of times life could have arisen. The odds only point toward life. It's hard to comprehend numbers that large, but if you sit down and think about it, maybe you'll get it. Drake equation.

3 points

Yes, there is a very high chance that there is life out there somewhere. Intelligent life that has visited us? No, probably not. But life almost has to be out there. Look at the elements we're made of. Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and others. The same elements that are the most common in the universe. Look at how many stars there are. We now know that planets are pretty common too. Look at how many galaxies there are. Look at the kinds of environments life can exist in here on earth. Even if life is pretty rare, there must be millions of planets with life on it. Look at the Drake Equation.

1 point

Yes, it keeps people in line just like it did during the crusades, especially the later ones. It keeps people in line just like it did during the inquisitions. It keeps people in like just like when those little boys were being touched. Nothing keeps a man in line but himself.

1 point

I would say that it does. It shows that you put thought and effort into what you were writing. It also shows that you aren't too lazy to fully spell a three letter word.

0 points

Dave. No contest at all. Mencia is funny... oh wait, no he isn't. I don't even see how you could compare the two, it just doesn't make sense. One is funny and the other just makes noises and talks about his mom beating him.

1 point

I've traveled and lived in various areas of the country and I've found that the racism, stupidity and lack of education is about the same everywhere. It may be worth pointing out that urban areas seem to have those flaws more than other areas.

2 points

I would say that yes, smokers should be denied, but for one thing. Nicotine addiction is still an addiction. If you're going to deny them, you should have to offer them some help first. Also, if they're going to be denied, they shouldn't have to pay in.

1 point

From having worked with elderly people and delivered meals to them for several years I've seen people who were of sound mind but in too much pain to talk other than a few words with moans and gasps of pain in between them. I've seen people who were depressed because they had no family that cared about them and who had very limited mobility. I've seen people dying of cancer. Would you want your mother or grandmother to live the last few years of her life in pain and depression? Probably not. Physician assisted suicide could end the suffering of these people, and on another note, it would also reduce the amount of money and resources being used to keep these people alive when they don't really want to be.

1 point

I believe that you don't understand exactly what a dinosaur was. A dinosaur was a specific type of reptile with specific traits. Crocodiles are reptiles and so are turtles, but you wouldn't say that a turtle is a crocodile, would you? Birds were not around during the time of the dinosaurs either. I'm aware of the theory that some dinosaurs evolved into birds, but that means that they WERE dinosaurs, not that they are. They aren't dinosaurs anymore than us humans are small rodent-like animals that hung out in trees. No, we are not dinosaurs at all. Our evolutionary lines split long before the first true dinosaur or mammal lived. I would recommend you educate yourself on these things before you comment. I suggest that because you seemed to put a modicum of thought into your "argument" and maybe you'll learn something.

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